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Why it is so difficult for man and woman to understand each other?

The Husband with the wife - as two halves of scissors. Sometimes disperse, but try to get up between them!

Samuel L. Jackson.

As often between people misunderstanding which can lead further to quarrel happens. Let`s remember La Rochefoucauld`s words: If from two only one was guilty, quarrels would not last long so .

generally it is the most difficult to i to understand each other to the man and the woman as it is considered, as and others speak that one language, but on various dialects.

Really, between what tells one and what hears another differences are. It is not always clear what sense puts speaking in the words. And it is not always clear, how exactly understood also what conclusions were drawn by listening. As a result the husband and the wife when parting refer to the fact that they did not get on together. And unless characters? Perhaps just someone did not hear someone, did not understand or did not want to understand?

To understand why the woman and the man not always manage to find a common language, it is necessary to find out how HE AND she express the feelings. To convey information to ears of the man, women are inclined to exaggerate and embellish a situation. Use a set of metaphors, poetic epithets, comparisons in the speech. Men, unlike women, perceive words in literal, literal sense. They prefer to say about what specifically interests them. Discussing something, they are less emotional therefore their speech sometimes disorders women as they wait from the men of support and understanding, but in reply receive only silence. Men prefer to speak only about incontestable facts and events. From there can be conflicts. To avoid quarrel during conversation, it is necessary to try to understand and imagine what will be heard from your lips by the interlocutor.

Be always able to be transferred to the point of view of opposite opinion is and there is a true wisdom . Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev. to each other that someone ignores someone sometimes are absolutely groundless

of the Claim. Let`s remember a proverb of the 17th century in which it is told: All strength of the woman is concentrated in her " language;. the Woman considers that language is given her to ask the man about something, to reproach with an inattention, to force darling to tell that he loves it etc. Words You do not love me " at all; You do not listen to me You do not notice me can lead to the fact that the man himself will come to the same opinion and will decide that it does not need such woman.

For example, each woman wants to hear words that the man loves her. She is daily ready to listen to declarations of love, but the man pronounces these words very seldom. What to do? Perhaps most to ask or to hint at what is pleasant to it when he speaks somehow: I love you! Some men concede and begin to tell these words to the women, but who told that it is sincere words. Perhaps he tells it that the woman did not stick any more. The declaration of love turns in mere words which become habitual. So it can better let once, but from the heart, than every day and only will tell it not to upset the darling. Long ago it is known that at a pronunciation of the same word its meaning is several times lost.

There is also it that the man and the woman begin to reproach each other with silence. Actually, it can be because one of them it is simple not in mood. By the way, always needs to be remembered that all have secrets which are difficult for telling even to very loved one .

Therefore, seeing that the favourite little man does not wish to tell about the thoughts, you should not insist. In this case it is necessary to wait when he wants to share that he oppresses it. If darling decided and told the problem, support him. Next time he will be more talkative.