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Charkas and jewelry. Whether there is an interrelation?

People wear jewelry since an immemorial time. But at the same time some nationalities are limited to the fact that insert into a nose a ring, into the bay - a plate, and into an ear - small brevnyshko. And at others the accurate interrelation between locations / wearing jewelry and the power centers called also by charkas is traced.

The world is impregnated with energiya. It consists of them. Energy move, move in everything, including a human body. Energy joins an organism from the outside, certain time circulates on the closed contour, and then again streams to the World. Moving on an organism, gradually change energy the " control; from more rough power energiya below, to thin dot energiya above.

For convenience defined a little points where energy flows from one in another. On different sources, such points (charkas) either seven, or 13. Studying, pumping over energy through a certain chakra, it is possible to change power of an organism in general. It is easy to determine the sphere for which this or that chakra is responsible by the place of its arrangement.

Just as blood runs on veins, energy runs on our body on certain channels. And the same as there is a slagging of blood vessels, there can be also a contamination of power channels (when energy moves with a scratch ). To clean these channels, for the modern person it is necessary strengthened pumping energy on them (yoga, Taijiquan gymnastics and so forth) . In India there is a secret doctrine of harmony and beauty Shringar which uses various jewelry for impact on the power centers.

But let`s try to assume that at and our ancestors - Slavs - there was knowledge allowing to make active or transform certain types of energiya due to impact on charkas of jewelry.

We will begin with the most top charkas - Sakhasrara`s - responsible for communication with Space. The seventh chakra is located in a head top ( fontanel ) . Effect of disclosure of this charkas: understanding of causes and effects, comprehension of world Laws, global space vision. When you move to this level of consciousness, all life is perceived by you as spiritual experience.

If it is possible to call ornament headdresses, then concerning top charkas it is necessary to remember an imperial crown. And also the charodeysky cap having the cone form, as well as domes of Catholic churches. At Slavic men it is interesting to pay attention to headdresses of princes, monarchs and soldiers. Monomakh`s cap, as well as the Russian helmets 12 - 13 - x centuries, has the bulbous form, as well as domes of Orthodox Christians tserkvey*. And, on some sources, the symbolics put in the form of the Russian temple chapter means: our domestic bulb personifies idea of deep prayful burning to heaven through which our terrestrial world becomes involved in otherworldly wealth.

If to speak about female headdresses, then till a marriage they remind themselves an open crown, and after a marriage - the head becomes covered by a scarf.

The sixth chakra is called Adzhn`s , or otherwise: chakra Third eye . She is located in the center of the head (at the level of a nose bridge between eyebrows) and is responsible for intuition, clairvoyance and knowledge. It is interesting to note what since ancient times was considered that the intuition is more inherent in the woman while the logician - the man. Perhaps, maiden wreaths can be the reason for that?

We will remember the classic: And in a forehead - the star burns . Slavic girls carried tapes made of cloth on a forehead, and later - a maiden wreath uvyaslo . Other typically Slavic version beauty there was a nimbus from thin (about 1 mm) a metal tape. Masters - smiths decorated nimbuses with an ornament and gave them the different form, including with expansion on a forehead, as at the Byzantine diadems.

The fifth - the throat chakra - Vishudkh`s - settles down at the neck basis, interaction with the world answers for self-expression also. On some sources, the metal hoop which is put on a neck seemed to the ancient person the reliable barrier capable to prevent soul to leave a body. Such hoop was the most beloved ornament at the most different people of Western and Eastern Europe, and also the Middle East. At us it was called hryvnia .

Hryvnias quite often find in female burials of ancient Slavs. Therefore archeologists rightfully insist that it was typically female ornament, like a beads and temporal rings, about which the speech ahead. And here linguists on the basis of chronicles and other written documents surely declare hryvnias " ornament; typically man`s . Really, on pages of chronicles it is possible to read as princes award with hryvnias of valorous soldiers.

Anakhata - the fourth chakra - is called also warm chakry, She is located in the center of a breast (at the level of heart) and is responsible for the relations with world around (compassion, a power of love and beliefs, kindness, tender feelings, love of people around etc.) . Certainly, necklaces, monist and other jewelry which is going down on a breast interacted with anakhaty. At Slavs, for example, the long chain with two heads of the Pangolin fastened with the ring symbolizing the sun was put on a neck of the princess. Also at Krivichi, volynyan and residents of Vyatka found a cross-shaped suspension bracket (Velesov a cross).

It is worth mentioning except that also buttons which originally fastened clothes only at a collar carried not only practical, but also magic value. The words button button come from the word to frighten . Our ancestors considered a collar of the clothes as very important detail in the mystical plan: the most vulnerable, the most defenseless in relation to evil spirit were most open parts of a body - a neck and a face. Evil spirits could not be passed freely to a body of the person. In this regard buttons were decorated with the exorcized patterns (most often it was a sun symbol - a spiral or a circle with a point in the middle) urged to drive away, frighten off from the owner of clothes of evil spirits.

At people the third chakra - is, as a rule, most developed of Manipur . Some call it place of the center . There is she around a navel and is responsible for food of an organism. It is considered that it also gives vital energy. All wearable belts, belts and belts anyway interact with the third chakry. And especially metal plates and buckles, as a rule, decorated with an ornament, and often and jewels **.

To Manipur still call the chakry power. It - a source of self-confidence, understanding of own force, ability to be discharged of influence of the outside world and at the same time most to exert impact on this world. It is considered that it gives you force to defend the beliefs and to resist to the strokes of bad luck falling upon you.

The following chakra - Svadkhistkhan`s - sexual chakra . She gives vital energy and is responsible for reproductive function. It should be noted that a svadkhistkhana, as well as the lowermost chakra - a muladkhara are, as a rule, hidden by clothes. The matter is that functioning of secret bodies and the related lower charkas is not broken from - for disharmonies of energiya in a body, but the sexual energy concentrated in them cannot find a way out and rise above if activity of the highest charkas is suppressed.

However the fact that at modern girls it became fashionable to wear the clothes which are low sitting on hips thanks to what buckles were displaced from a manipura on a sexual chakra is indicative.

Well and, at last, the lowermost chakra - Muladkhar`s (on other sources - Kundalini - a chakra). Chakra is located at the termination of a backbone, between an anus and genitals. The independent first chakra is responsible for a survival. She allows the person to make a rough physical activity, the monotonous, monotonous, not demanding works of a brain. As the support of a pyramid, a muladkhar gives internal feeling of a support, mental stability, hardness.

On the basis of energy of a muladkhara the theory of sublimation of a libido, i.e. the direction of sexual energy in socially approved activity works, (the best example is a cabin of firewood of Adriano Celentano in the movie Taming obstinate ) . Owing to certain reasons it is rather difficult to speak about any jewelry around a muladkhara. However, it is possible to assume that such thing as fidelity belt it was urged not to allow the man to a female bosom how many at the expense of a certain ornament to moderate sexual desire of the woman not only and not just.

Carrying bracelets, earrings, temporal rings, rings, certainly, also makes a certain impact on the movement of energy in an organism and gives rise to many questions. Why, for example, the wedding ring is put on a ring finger of the right hand, and hours carry on left? Why a Komsomol badge fixed on the left side of a breast - at an anakhata, and carry a cross worn on the neck at a vishudkha? Etc., and. etc. But we will stop so far.

* It is possible to mention here too and the budennovka created many centuries later with a red star in the middle of a forehead.

** Once again we will return to the Soviet symbolics. The mystical five-pointed star settled down also on buckles. And on all buttons.

(In article materials of works of David Pond are used, the Part of illustrations is taken Maria Semenova from open sources the Internet.)