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What remember the Venetian bridges?

the Bridge of fists with bloody fights, the leader of ragamuffins whom the mayor respectfully meets, prisoners of prison and Casanova`s flight - strange stories were used to know by Venice.

Everything is remembered by Montecchi and Capuleti whose hostility ruined Romeo and Juliette. But very few people know about Nikoletti and Kostellani - not families, but the full conflicting lots of rather poor citizens of Venice: one group with North - the western part of the city, the Saint Nikolay`s church of tramps visiting at first (yes, such name at the San church - Niccolo - de - Medikoli), the second received the name from San Ptro de Castello`s church visited initially too - the former cathedral.

Respectively, last (kostellan) were felt as citizens noble, and here first (nikollett) were the common people but very influential - common people with which reckoned.

It was necessary to meet in one church - San - Trovazo. The church the oldest, first construction is dated 1028. There is no such Saint, by the way, just in the Venetian dialect names of two other Saints - Dzhervazio and Protazio so began to sound at once. In church two facades and two entrances. And as differently - without a fight it was impossible to enter in any way. And, rivals could come on the occasion of a wedding between the representatives, but entered and left different doors.

The showdown had to be moved to the next bridge - a show off of Punyi (the bridge of fists). Actually, the bridge also received the name from fisticuffs of diligent church parishioners. (It was followed by expression - la of the mister of a punya - fist war). On the bridge there were special stone indexes to start fight. Fight, naturally, in the channel terminated...

By the way, several masterpieces of famous Tintoretto are stored in this church.

Nikoletti was controlled by suburbs of the city (did not know then the word protected and, maybe, other slang Venetian word was). That they did not bespredelnichat in the center, tried to agree with them. And they had everything as at people . If doges ruled Venice (the doge - the highest elective office in the city), then and at a nikoletta the doge was elected too. Doge of ragamuffins.

Every year the doge of ragamuffins surrounded with suite went to the Palace of doges, there it was welcomed the doge of Venice and the Senate. And coexisted.

Rialto Bridge was the center of all trade. There was it initially wooden: 12000 wooden logs supported the bridge within more than 400 years. After it collapsed under weight of the crowd staring at a regatta it replaced with stone. By the way, the contract for construction was received by Antonio Da Ponte (and a surname - that at it in translation - bridge ) having won it against Michelangelo!

And more than a century ago the plate forbidding to be spat in bathing hung on the bridge. Why in those it was necessary to be spat - it is difficult to tell, but it is known that among them it was possible to meet lord Byron - the big fan of swimming. Now it is strange to imagine that in the Grandee Canala could lap carefree among gondolas the Bridge of sighs is obliged by

to the name to lord Byron too. It connected old prison to very terrible rooms of inquisition (inquiry and tortures) in the Palace of doges. It was constructed by the nephew Da Ponte in 1600. But Casanova escaped from this prison. Somehow managed on this bridge further kitchen gardens passing the palace.

Byron considered that sighs of captives penetrate this place. Convicts saw Venice before the conclusion last time and, of course, sighed. If only sighed.

And nearby - Solomenny Bridge (on one of versions, the barge brought straw for prison needs).

But the modern legend is far more joyful. Rather in love to kiss in a gondola under this bridge - and they ensure eternal love

By the way, chapter of M. Twain`s book, R. Russo`s novels (2007) and Doktorou, numerous songs (Aznavour and others), the movie and theatrical performances are devoted to this bridge.

And in Venice about 400 bridges. There is even Dyavola Bridge, there is Adsky Bridge. They remember much, probably...