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Whether it is easy to find work if you are not 18 years old - ti?

This article is completely based on we wash personal experience. I many times was on both sides of barricades - both as the employer, and as the applicant, generally, I know a lot of things interesting. We will not be let in reasonings on service records, human rights, etc. For one simple reason. If you are not 18 years old yet - ti and you look for work, then, most likely, you need work and money, but not the service record and pension savings.

I work from 16 years and which - what experience in job search is available for me. Whom it is possible to settle if you are not 18 years old? Actually options set! Seller, promoter, courier You ended some professional courses, for example, courses of hairdressers? Try to get a job in beauty shop. Of course, if you come from the street and at once declare that you are not 18 years old - ti, you will hardly be employed. And here if you try to agree with the owner of salon through training center where were trained, then you, most likely, will take.

Many girls at school age are engaged in sale of cosmetics according to catalogs. But successful business on it is done by units. Did not reflect why so occurs? Everything is simple. Cosmetics in such catalogs, of course, not really expensive, but also not cheap. It will be simpler to your schoolmates to buy cheap lipstick or mascara in shop, than to do the order according to the catalog and to wait for it several weeks.

In due time I found very good solution of this problem. I found a wholesale warehouse of cosmetics in our city and persuaded mother to invest couple of thousands of rubles in my business. On this money we took a huge number of beautiful and inexpensive cosmetics which was very quickly sold to acquaintances in a warehouse. Subsequently this experience helped me to open own shop.

Here and a conclusion arises that the business everything is more favourably even if you are not 18 years old - ti. But let`s return to professional courses. Courses of hairdressers, manicurists, nail extension courses, dress-making courses, knitting courses. Choose that it is necessary for your soul, and earn on it money! My friend in 15 years cut schoolmates. Of course, she was not able to do a smart hair, but to straighten a bang or to cut short flight of stairs could. Now it has several own hairdresser`s salons. Other my friend very much liked to sew, but did not want to earn money from it, and could!

Where still it is possible to get a job if you are not 18 years old - ti? You with pleasure will be accepted on a wash of machines and at fast food restaurants, in advertizing agency and in vegetable tent. If you really have a desire to work, then you will surely find the place!

You should not look for work only on " newspapers; The best vacancies . Having heard by phone that you are not 18 years old - ti, the employer, most likely, will refuse you, and here at personal meeting can quite hire you. Therefore be not limited to newspapers, look for work through friends and acquaintances, offer the services and good work itself will find you!

The main thing not to be deceived, do not agree to a trial period and demand daily payment of the work. The service record to you will be got by nobody, and, only receiving a salary daily, you can be sure that your work will not remain free. Good luck!