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What it is similar " to; Fantastic Taiga AGATHA CHRISTIE?

Having let out in 1991 the most excellent (in modest opinion of the author of article) an album Decadence group AGATHA CHRISTIE... nearly broke up. The plate did not make special success, money was not, brothers Samoylov constantly swore, and muzkritik already prepared for " group; Tomb of the Unknown Soldier .

But disintegration did not occur - thanking whether will of brothers, whether suddenly found sponsor in the person of the former fellow countryman - the director of " firm; Rosremstroy . Besides, AGATHA CHRISTIE only enters on a threshold of the real glory, having let out in 1993 brilliant, though a little respondent album Shameful star . And already juicy song I on you, as in the war even school students begin to sing, almost according to Freud replacing the words To Bor port, I go home on To Bor a portfolio, I go home . Itself heard.

But the real breakthrough of AGATHA CHRISTIE happened in a year when, in a predveriya of the well-known album " Opium; the group shot a hit Fantastic taiga .

When I by mail served as a coachman,

To me was knocked the shaggy geologist,

I looking at the card on a white wall,

It grinned to me. He told

how the taiga cries,

Without man it is lonely, they have no

by mail the coachman -

Means to us the road

there the road " Means to us there;.

the Author of music this time not one of Samoylov, but the third composer of group - the keyboard player Alexander Kozlov acted (now deceased). However, initial " version; Taiga had absolutely other form: on one memoirs more similar on anthem on others - on slow reggae . However soon musicians noticed that the beginning of the melodic line of a refrain to pain reminds the song from the Soviet comedy film Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession ( The January blizzard Rings, and heavy rains whip is elastic - sl. L. Derbenyova, muses. A. Zatsepina). Instead of somehow to retouch this similarity, they went in other (more honest) way - on the contrary, placed the main emphasis on this recognition. Even the song some time and was called Ivan Vasilyevich .

As a result also the song changed: the rhythm accelerated, and the guitar began to sound in VIA 1970 style - x years. To a logical conclusion this nostalgic line was brought also by the original video clip in which almost all actors playing leading roles in an old comedy film were brought together. The clip musicians devoted Leonid Gaidai`s memories. Strangely enough, this fate - the song really was a fine reminder on the director Ivan Vasilyevich .

Gleb Samoylov:

The good clip turned out, sad, nostalgic. We used frames from the movie Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession it was to all Old songs about the main thing . A big merit of the director of the clip that could bring together all actors acting in the movie.... Only who treated it cool, Pugovkin. He lives far, and negotiations with it were complicated. He refused, having told and why it will advertize some group. All others agreed. As it appeared, the actors acting in this movie, did not see each other long ago and did not gather. And they did not see the movie long ago.

From Israel called the daughter Yakovleva and told that when watched the clip - all sobbed. I answered that there was nothing to leave .
the Lyrics was constructed by

a little unusually too. The first couplet about the shaggy geologist left ironically - nostalgic, beginning with one quote (a line from the famous romance When I by mail served as a coachman ) and coming to an end another ( Means to us there it is expensive - from L. Utesov`s song Brestskaya Street ) .

However in the second couplet peculiar a trip on BAM turns in typically agatovsky a horror story with the Satan collecting souls and pink snow. The main author of the text - Gleb Samoylov - told that it is caused by the fact that he wrote the first couplet under himself, and the second under the brother Vadim - nature more passionately - romantic which will be able to cry out the scary words " more convincingly; And you she will receive! . By the way, and planned to publish the song under the name Pink snow but decided that with gloom in an album and so search.

Black fairy tales of white winter

For the night sing to us big trees

Black fairy tales about pink snow

Pink snow even in a dream

A at night on the wood there is a Satan

I collects fresh souls

New blood the winter

I you received she will receive, you she will receive


Brothers Samoylov about the song Fantastic Taiga :

the second couplet is constructed on terrible features of a national taiga (about wild animals). Pink snow - it is the snow irrigated with blood of the Tungus who are torn to pieces by wild animals. And as Tungus non-Christian, their souls are collected at night by a Satan (too the hero of this song). So the one who says that AGATHA CHRISTIE`S texts are senseless - the fool (the Tungus - and nowadays wild). The text is devoted to Pushkin A. S., which sang of one Tungus ( and nowadays wild ) . And music, respectively, is devoted to Leonid Gaidai`s movies .

the Nostalgic surroundings, a bright melody and the various text (moderately - romantic, moderately - ironic, moderately - horrible) turned Taiga in one of the main hits of group and one of favourite songs of the author of this article. Unlike the same Shevchuk, in AGATHA CHRISTIE anybody with annoying hits not fought and Taiga still enters the obligatory program of any concert of group.

Gleb Samoylov:

ourselves consider that our music rather thin, and in it is a lot of difficult constructions inside. Another thing is that it is made available language therefore people perceive it differently. For example, Fantastic taiga ourselves perceive as an esthetic joke, and people of other warehouse - differently .
Post-modernist jokes from songs on it did not end with

. Later some time on radio the song " persistently began to sound; De ce plang chitarele the Romanian group O - ZONE which melody nearly one in one repeated a refrain Fantastic Taiga . Coincidence it or not - I do not know... Plagiarism - business thin. you can Be convinced by

of similarity of all above-stated melodies, having downloaded my mix of these songs (236 kb) of here>>>