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How to give money it is beautiful?

how many weighty works were written by propagandists of a good form that money - a gift very doubtful and not always pertinent That it can embarrass presented and even to offend. That it is allowed only in special cases. About what with presented nearly the certificate of the income needs to be claimed and established previously whether the sum of the future gift is proportional to his welfare. Well, and other, other, other by

But it is not excluded that during financial crisis we will begin to estimate monetary gifts in a different way. Life will show. And my today`s article - not about a moral aspect of a question, and about esthetic. Let`s assume that we decided on a gift: money, once again money and anything, except money. So it is necessary. And all problem now in how to present them. Not by the principle from hand to hand eventually.

From grants to the subject how to behave Soviet period (at some still such are stored in a home library) appears that it is the best of all to present money in an envelope. Or in the form of the passbook with number of the bank account opened addressed to the hero of the occasion. Tradition of modern times - gift certificates from large shops and shopping centers. Passbooks and certificates on a creative do not inspire, and here creative experiments with envelopes are allowed.

The banal post polygraphy is not necessary to us. We need gift packing, and it should be elegant and refined. In some large cities such envelopes made by designers sell in gift shops. But it is possible to try to make an envelope for a special case independently.

In a man-made frame

As? I will provide the simple recipe. You take a leaf of usual office printing paper: white, and it is better color - it is sold in Stationery . Its length makes about 30 cm (29,7 if precisely). You measure about 11 - 12 cm from bottom edge and you bend it to the center. From the place of a bend you paste it to the main part of a leaf by means of very narrow (about 3 - x oo) stripes of a bilateral adhesive tape. The pocket for notes will turn out. Then free 7 - Also we bend 8 cm from the upper edge of a leaf to the center as the valve over a pocket. The envelope is ready.

We overturn it and we are selflessly let in an embellishment facade . Artificial flowers or natural sukhotsveta, tapes, a band, laces, applications, pastes, stickers, stickers and your imagination will be put to use. It is better to attach a decor by means of the same bilateral adhesive tape or tiny droplets of instant glue as almost all glues from office series jar on and pull together paper.

If you possess skills of drawing, you can represent something, corresponding to a case. We take a gel pen of a shade a yellow or gray metallic - they give tremendous effect of gold or silver - and we inscribe an envelope. The inscription can be as laconic ( Congratulations! With anniversary! With the wedding day! With the firstborn`s birth! etc.), and very detailed (a congratulation in verses, a parting word, etc.) .

Whose ruble is longer?

Tradition to give to

money for a wedding, speak, came from America. There it is seemingly accepted to present to newlyweds monetary tree - a branch with the cones strung on it, hand bells and other trinkets. In everyone the banknote is hidden.

And me it happened to observe how give long ruble in Russia, in Kuban. Several tens notes of rather small face value stick together among themselves with strips of an adhesive tape and develop accordion . It is put in an envelope. Once you pull out one of notes, all tape - in the face of amazed newly married and all respectable public will reach for it at once. Only condition: banknotes have to be newcomers, otherwise then will not tear off an adhesive tape. The way, by the way, not at one weddings successfully practices. There were the highlight of the program and the other day births, and on anniversaries.

Still option - to take a 3-liter glass jar, to paste over it with different inscriptions and wishes, to decorate with bows - florets. On a bottom to put the sum which we give. On a celebration it is obligatory to take the floor among the first. What for? to set an example to other guests who brought cash as a gift too. We deliver an ardent speech that money should be stored in bank, and we hand to bank. Other guests will be relieved of need to accompany with comments the gifts in rubles or in currency, and safely will begin to lower them after yours.

also did not dream the Ministry of Health

If the one to whom you are going to present money - the incorrigible smoker, the following action plan is offered. We buy a pack of its favourite cigarettes. Accurately we unpack, trying not to damage a film wrapper. We take out from a pack of a cigarette and we move away them far away: we do not intend to indulge anybody`s addictions. We twist twenty banknotes (decide on the face value and total amount) in hard tubules and we thrust into a pack. We close and stick in a wrapper so that the pack seemed untouched.

To the hero of the occasion we apologize for the fact that there was no opportunity to buy other gift. Crisis supposedly outside, at work a salary was cut off (or in general reduced). But as not the gift, but attention is expensive, and you know how we with you always showed consideration to each other, I brought you what you really love. Let`s light, the companion, on one

Gold small egg

A how to be if the hero of the anniversary, the birthday man or the groom with the bride of a tobacco smoke do not transfer to spirit? An exit is: to take chocolate " egg; the kinder - a surprise . The scheme of processing approximately the same, as for a cigarette pack: we take from paper packing, then we knife egg lengthways on two halves. Inside, as we know, there is a plastic box with a toy. A toy - in use to children, or neighbour`s. And in a box we hide banknotes, previously having put them lengthways in half and then having curtailed into a tubule. We conclude result of the tricks back in chocolate halves, densely we press them to each other, edges of connection are smoothed carefully down by a warm spoon.

It is possible to place egg in native packing. And it is possible to go further and to load with money it at full scale. We take a leaf of a foil of golden color (easy to find sets of folgirovanny paper for children`s creativity in office shops). We turn in it the kinder - a surprise . By a violet gel pen or a felt-tip pen it is drawn, imitating a stamp of poultry farm, a symbol of accessory of copyright - a letter C in a circle. And signature: Chicken of Ryaba . Small note: handles and felt-tip pens come across different quality, not all write on a foil. And therefore it is allowed to represent a stamp on simple paper, to cut out and then to paste to a wrapper. Ours gold small egg it is ready. Accompanying comments - to taste.

Gift money presents also in caskets, in small souvenir moneyboxes, inserts into a photoframework, puts in linen sacks with different playful inscriptions from Pig in a poke to To the Son-in-law on Mazeratti do models of big candies ( on a dolce vita! ). The most responsible moment - the gift was able to beat. And money in itself not such and a tactless gift if are given with taste and with humour.