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Crisis in fashion: what will we carry in hard times?

Clothes - a way of self-expression. The desire to emphasize the identity with its help moved people from an extreme antiquity and did not run low at any cataclysms. But in any crisis situations it is necessary to change a former rhythm and a way of life that affects also styles. Present it is time - not an exception. The theory of interrelation of length of skirts and height of heels with take-off and falling in stock markets at designers so far only in development. Nevertheless, many of them already with enthusiasm beat a subject of an economic depression in the collections. Someone - accepting all parameters set by it, someone - on the contrary, it is persistent them rejecting.

Fall in love with us black !

the Domination of a glamour in fashion, seemingly, ended with

. The clothes become more practical and more economic. The last is shown in use of inexpensive materials - a tweed, viscose, rough wool, and also in minimalism which dictated lines of silhouettes and selection of details. The probability that the fitting breed and narrow sleeves will return to fashion though did not become obsolete the tendencies dictating free, volume forms yet is high.

The main forecasts promise that classical style with its set of universal things will become the most actual: small black dress, direct trousers, white shirts. Not the last place will be taken in fashionable clothes of dandies of the crisis period of a polo-neck and by cardigans. The color scale is also supposed rather cold and severe: gray, black, brown, violet and blue dark shades. It is hard to say, than it is caused more: practicalness or depressive moods. On a Week of the haute couture going to New - York, in the " collections; Spring - fall - 2009 black vests with the inscriptions " were shown; Let`s do away with poverty and 2015 as by this year it is planned to win against poverty on a global scale.

From where stylish ragamuffins undertake?

On supervision of the historian Alexander Vasilyev the fashion reacts to social shocks instantly. Blossoming of such styles as a military and grunge is connected with disintegration of the Soviet Union and the military conflict on the Balkans. The first imitated an image of the participant of military operations (a camouflage coloring, army breed, high boots with rough noses). The second - an image of the refugee (the t-shirts stretched at mouths, ripped jeans, the raw edges of clothes which in general had the shabby and worn appearance).

In style grunge then also images of heroes of the American movies - boys - hooligans from the poorest quarters, such impudent ragamuffins sporting in fatherly old clothes got accustomed. Trousers and blouses obviously did not suit them by the size and dangled on them, as on hangers.

Crisis can bring them to podiums again, and then stories and to the mass consumer. In man`s collections of the forthcoming summer season shirts and caps and - la working class, " already flashed; undershirts of alcoholics so other delights of grunge, most likely, on the way. And they will be, perhaps, not so much to confirm humble recognition of poverty how many about the ironic attitude towards her. The same irony is noted also in mixture of styles when branded things wear with something cheap. Most mixed jeans which can be combined successfully and with a classical jacket, and with a vintage blouse, and with a militaristic jacket, and with lacy baud, and with a knitted sweater were ingredient always.

In similar combinations for certain not the last place will be taken also by the things created by the hands. Crisis will force many women to remember skills of sewing, knitting, embroidery. Ability to create stylish and unique clothes without excess financial expenses will be demanded, more than ever. If the motto of style grunge can be formulated as Poverty - not defect the motto of hand style - made - as Poverty - not a threshold .

of Dress - a code for meeting of a protest

a poverty philosophy Cult in fashion even if will become popular, then anyway not general. Even at the beginning of crisis many domestic designers declared that they are not going to support a depressive spirit and are ready to protest against the approaching despondency in all flowers of a rainbow. Bright, cheerful collections of the Russian couturiers Larisa Kalistratova, Masha Tsigal and Lyudmila Norsoyan and inspire: the person, clothes, soul and thoughts in the person - that have to be beautiful contrary to financial disorders even if also global.

The fashion can protest against crisis by violence of paints, unrestrained luxury, difficult, incredibly womanly images. Then to reflect attack of styles like a military there will be Baroque style. Or emphasized aristocratism: reserved, but not tragic tone, quiet coloring, faultless cut, modest jewelry.

And a way to a compromise between fashion and crisis will most true prompt accessories. If an opportunity to acquire expensive clothes is lost, it is worth paying more attention to accessories - they will help you to look stylishly and to stand out from the crowd. Various scarfs and scarfs will serve to you good service. The pearls Renaissance is expected: it is successfully combined with classical suits and is inexpensive. There will be new, more functional models of bags. By the way, on the Internet I already happened to see a photo of the ladies` handbags made of men`s jackets. Look pretty well, and, above all - it is original. It is no wonder that at forums on needlework of the woman - users declared the real hunting for their patterns. Join and do not go in cycles in crises!