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Who, when and what received an official rank " for; Benefactor of mankind ? Life of mister Apper

Nikola Francois Apper came from a family of the successful Languedoc dealer and the usurer. And Languedoc, on a saying of French - the homeland of sly fellows. However, the father of our hero left limits of this area where he for short term scared together a considerable fortune, and moved with family to Paris.

There he became the owner of small restaurant on the Champs Elysee and began to work culinary wonders on the basis of ancient recipes. For example, it. The pig for thirty seconds falls to boiled water, then is larded by garlic, fillet from a hare, a goose or the capon is stuffed and baked on weak fire.

Parisians accepted enthusiastically a gastronomic delicacy of mister Apper - the senior, and by then as his son Nikola became the successor of an institution, it brought in the considerable income.

Following the father`s precepts, it continued to recreate ancient dishes, introducing in them own highlight . Because that bequeathed: The Recipe is only the guide to action, but, using the same recipe, each culinary specialist will prepare in own way! Wisely, of course.

To put it briefly, there passed not much time when instead of one restaurant at the successor became already a little. And all burst with visitors - gourmets. Nikola Apper, increasing fatherly business, successfully used blood gifts of the parent: it was extremely attentive to conditions and situations, it is inquisitive mind and is persistent in achievement of the objectives.

Having become the supplier of the Royal Court, mister Apper skillfully used a political conjuncture and dated names of the delightful dishes for the corresponding events and persons. For example, once Napoleon Bonaparte appointed an award in 12000 francs to the one who will ensure long safety of the food delivered in army not to allow hunger in aggressive campaigns. Apper made it the proposal which the monarch could not refuse.

However, that was preceded by years of experiences and even visit of scientific conference at which Nikola Francois, far from science, having been bored for a while fairly, became interested in idea about tight packing of the products subjected to thermal treatment.

As a result of long-term experiments he invented canned food (meat, meat - vegetable, fruit and even dairy, in particular, condensed milk). But more precisely would be to tell that invented repeatedly since as stewed meat from a duck as it became clear much later, was given in a final journey to the Pharaoh Tutankhamun And in 1809 achievement was presented to Napoleon.

The legend tells that Apper managed to feed the emperor from the cans corked from three to six months before. Well, this person deserved an award (not one of the previous applicants for it appeared in the Bastille). But besides, Napoleon awarded him with a rank Benefactor of mankind . How you think, was for what?

And then benefactor the " shop opened; Different food in bottles and boxes selling production to them the created factory of canned food, and even wrote the book Art of conservation of vegetable and animal substances for the long period . And only in 1857 Louis Pasteur offered to it a scientific explanation