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And you knew about such extraordinary way of utilization of a sunlight?

What is it? And it, in general are possible? But what for? And what the shining beams are? It is a water tower, no, I know that it! It, obviously, tricks of aliens! You so do not think?! I too! Then give I to you I will tell that it actually!

Actually it is only power plant! Power plant of such rare " type; Solar Tower (solar power tower) was for the first time started in commercial production in Andalusia (Spain) on March 30, 2007.

The principle of action of such system is simple to ridiculous! In the childhood you, probably, let more than once spots of sunlight. So? In this design it is applied such enormous " too; zaishche ! Sunshine by means of heliostats - mirrors concentrate in one point on a tower top, namely on a parabolic reception mirror where the bright spot of sunlight evaporates water. Also on top of a tower the steam turbine which blades are rotated by steam settles down. The steam generator will transform mechanical energy of rotation of blades to the electric power.

Height of a tower of 115 meters, and the quantity of the electric power generated by it equally in 24,3 gigawatts - hours a year. Warmly direct 642 mirrors, the area of everyone to a tower - the 120th square meter. All design is automated and is run by the computer. This electric power has to be enough for full providing 6 thousand houses. The thermal power plant of equal power would release 18 thousand tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere! Agree, at least for the sake of prevention of such pollution it is worth projecting and establishing such innovative projects.

Itself ideyo such towers it is not new, but PS10, perhaps, the most impressive of all.

C 1981 for 1999 in Mojave Desert (California) was tested a similar tower (Solar Two). However, the sunlight heated not water, and the intermediate heat carrier here - the melted salt, and then water began to boil, giving steam necessary for the steam generator. Thanks to it the station could work also in cloudy weather and at night due to the saved-up heat for emergency kept in big tanks with hot salt. The present station is capable to work without the sun only one hour, thanks to the accumulated energy, in the form of tanks of hot water vapor.

In plans at Spain build the third power station (Solar Tres) in which experience (Solar Two) will be already considered. Power of new station by calculations will reach 15 megawatts. But, for now construction of the second power plant of PS20 with a power of 20 megawatts is conducted. Increases in power in comparison with PS10 will occur due to increase in quantity of mirrors from which the sunlight will gather!

In Spain the following development plan for power supply of the population is approved: by 2013 the Spaniard want to achieve 300 megawatts of electric energy which will be developed by various nonconventional power plants that has to be enough 18 thousand private houses for full electricity supply.

Cost of such stations is so far very high (up to 3 times more than combined heat and power plant), but in process of their introduction, the energy developed by them will go down in price. But, and the most important, according to the estimates of research structures, only one solar " platform; in Sanlukar - la - the Major, will prevent emission of 600 thousand tons of carbon dioxide in a year.