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How to overcome others habits?

the Child scatters toys, picks a nose... Well for bad habits! The husband, taking off socks, folds them under a sofa, gnaws a handle of points, reads in a toilet; mother reels up on a hand a cord from phone, crackles stones of fingers. And so indefinitely! What to do - that?

Any conscious action can become a habit if passes into the category of automatic. You should not confuse a habit and dependence. Dependence (alcoholism, drug addiction) is an illness. There can be a dependence on food, sex, even works. The habit an illness is not.

It is not necessary to see a habit where it is absent, otherwise it will appear. The child only tries to smoke, still absolutely the habit was not developed, especially there is no dependence. If he is caught red-handed, then adults begin to fight against, it seems, habit at once, and from the point of view of the child, against him. And nothing remains except how to begin to be protected. Here to you and new smoker.

You fight against others habit. Most often absolutely unsuccessfully. And all focus is that the person can perceive the habit as part of. He perceives fight against its habit as fight against own personality. Here also conversation is impossible: - Will drop down

to scatter socks!

- I such what I am!

And exit? Not to fight, and to solve a problem, to accept itself and others entirely.

The general and most important council - do not attach to a habit significance more, than it deserves. The identity of the person is not limited to his habits. Before once again throwing in the child stop immediately! think whether it is necessary to tell it, maybe, there will be other words?

And members of household - as kittens. You remember? At first you bring to the house of a cat, it soils where it is convenient to it, decides on the place. And you there time - and a toilet put it. He toilet gets used to a tray, and you its two - and to other place transferred, so to speak, to the general toilet room. The cat got used? It is necessary to go now there where all.

Track where your husband folds dirty socks. Also put boxes there. In - the first, for a start it will be easier to transfer them, they are brought already together. In - the second, the husband will understand that all of you are reconciled with his addictions. Also will try to facilitate for certain to you work - occasionally will bear consciously socks in a bathroom. And, you never can tell, will take it in a habit.