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How Chernobyl came to my life?

Speak, we will feel on ourselves influence of that explosion for a long time. Will be enough for all our life and will remain to children. And maybe, even to grandsons. Each of us has it the. The Chernobyl. And for this reason we so are afraid even of peaceful atom - disputes on need of nuclear power plant in the same Belarus do not cease for years. Though the issue of its construction is already resolved.

In 1986 I was four years old. At the beginning of April we in a family had the second child (baby - boom 80 - x, you remember?) and, to facilitate to mother life - my sister was horror as it is loud - I was sent to the village to the grandmother. To the small village near the town of Stolin right in the middle between Brest and Gomel. And then there was an explosion. Or rather, when it happened, we knew nothing about it. About a week from the big Soviet people hid the tragedy on the Ukrainian nuclear power plant. But in the neighboring Poland transferred about the Chernobyl accident just next day. The message came to us as always with delay - at the very beginning of May.

Remember, on the May Day weather was just amazing. As in summer hot sun shone, and all even with some pleasure staged a demonstration. And then this terrible message came. Scales of accident were known by nobody. But it was known that not only Ukraine, but also Belarus with Russia are affected. In many years on the map of Belarus noting contamination radionuclides two black spots were noted. My village did not get there.

But it became known later, backdating. And my father overcame distance in more than 400 kilometers in three hours on close and clumsy red Muscovite . We knew nothing about scales of accident and waited for evacuation. The father arrived late night when I already slept. I remember how sleepy I was dressed in some improbable breeches. Then - passed shop in the center of the village

As took away mine the cousin with the sister from the neighboring regional center, I do not remember any more - slept tight. But it is only possible to wonder as all of us went in on close back sitting - the brother with the sister mine were quite large teenagers. Memory imprinted only two pictures. The first - at night I come to a home and mother me, sleepy, acquaints with the sister. And I want only - to sleep one. And the second - my cousins sleep on a floor (there is no place more) in front of the TV. We something look on to a box in complete darkness. Such lovely reminiscence, if not this explosion...

The infection zone to which the village of my grandmother got received the status with the right for resettlement . Whether it is necessary to say that nobody was engaged in this resettlement? The brother and the sister, a month having received vacation earlier, soon came back home. The grandmother also did not leave. Here only I do not remember - whether I went that summer, as usual, to the village. The next year precisely was there.

Explosion seemed not such terrible. It became clear that in some places of nuclear tests indicates radioactivity it is even more. And men come from these tests unhealthy - without ability to conceive the child. And to the village once even there came scientists. And on their measurements it turned out that this zone of only slightly bluish color. And the village in the neighbourhood, through a ditch - and that is purer. And birth rate at them considerably advances mortality - the only region by all Belarus.

Here it is only strange: why do to every second inhabitant of a zone with the right for resettlement (however, this right was removed for a long time) operations on removal of a thyroid gland. In a family of my aunt two of four people are operated. And in this region cases of the birth of animals with excess extremities are almost annually fixed. Perhaps somebody will answer me - why?

So our Chernobyl (and the name - that what, ominous!) from us did not get to anywhere. As if we were tried to be convinced of the return.