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How to choose perfumery?

Aroma which is born by your skin are peculiar identification number for people around. Here you in excellent mood, dream of spring, and people feel it in you - on your smile, gait and to a smell. You smell sweet in the spring! As it is pleasant to choose aromas under the mood. And as it is incredibly difficult not to get confused in the offered perfumery of production among which not so - it is simple to find that suitable itself. For a start let`s understand what types of perfumery happen.

1. Spirits

They are the most resistant and strong perfumery. Sometimes it is enough only a drop of perfume for a long time to forget about their repeated drawing. Fine aroma within five and more hours will keep on your velvety skin. Also at spirits more many-sided and deep smell (all read and looked Perfumer ?) . However, unfortunately, spirits are the most expensive perfumery.


2. The perfumed water (toilet spirits)

What pluses at the perfumed water? In - the first, it is use udobnost as toilet spirits are always issued in spray. In - the second, at this type of perfumery an optimum ratio of the price and quality. In - the third, the perfumed water contains quite high percent of aromatic composition that allows it to keep on a body almost also long, as well as to spirits.

3. Toilet water

Toilet water perfectly is suitable

for daily application. In shops the huge choice is provided, and on counters it is possible to find toilet water in various volumes - on 30, 50, 75 and 100 ml. As well as the perfumed water, it most often happens in the form of spray. Pleasantly pleases also availability in the price. However big minus of toilet water is its low firmness which makes only two - three hours.

And now, having decided on a type of the perfumed production, let`s define when and what aromas approach.

In - the first, needs to divide morning and evening fragrance at once. If you are going to use spirits or toilet water in the morning, then the smell has to be easy and unostentatious. For this purpose safely choose citrus aromas, and also sea motives. For evening it is better to use muskatno - amber or spicy notes.

In - the second, the choice of aroma depends also on a season. For example, for summer it is better to choose something fresh and again - unostentatious since at temperature increase the perfumery is felt stronger. You should not scare away people a luscious sweet smell during a hot heat.

In - the third, wants to advise to carry with itself a small bottle of perfume or the perfumed water. If you perfumed very strongly in the morning, then anyway till the evening the smell will not live. It is the best of all to use the taken bottle during the day several times.

By the way there is a set of classifications on which it is possible to pick up aroma specially for your type. For example, there is a classification of division of smells for women by various criteria - the woman Vesna, Summer, Fall, Winter. Or division according to temperament type - for the choleric person, the melancholiac, the sanguine person, the phlegmatic person.

However you should not follow blindly such classifications, you cause spirits or other perfumery under your mood and your memoirs. And then favourite aromas will please you throughout the day. And finally it would be desirable to note several moments on use of perfumery.

Many experts advise to apply aroma on dry clean skin in those places where pulse is easily probed: behind ears, in a neck depression in the ground, under a breast, in bends of elbows, on wrists, under knees. It is connected with the fact that pulsation allows aroma to evaporate better. It is possible to extinguish hair sometimes. You should not apply on clothes as aroma reveals fully only at contact with skin. Do not use perfumery if you are going to stay on a bright sun - it can cause burns.

Good choice of the aroma and good mood!