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The best melodramas of Hollywood? Of course, Ghost from Whoopi Goldberg! To Write

about the movie Ghost it was business extremely ungrateful. In my environment there was no person who would not see this movie. Moreover, nobody even argued with the fact that the movie deserved the right to enter a rating of the best melodramas of all times and the people. However, nobody could formulate that in this movie of such outstanding. There is a huge number of melodramas with similar subject - City of angels Between heaven and earth Why this movie? There is no answer. Simply it is very good movie. More also you will not tell.

But all - I noticed one regularity, listening to responses about Ghost the friends and acquaintances. Each of them mentioned first of all not Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore which, of course, excellently played roles. Any who at least once watched Gerry Zakker`s movie forever remembered the woman who received for a role in this movie and the award Oscar both award BAFTA, and award Gold " globe;. It is Whoopi Goldberg`s . To tell that it decorated the movie with the presence - means, not to tell anything. Yes Patrick Swayze will forgive me and Demi Moore, but the real star of this movie - Whoopi Goldberg will forgive me. And I suspect that there will be persons interested a little to argue with it. And though Whoopi`s filmography contains more than hundred points, she is familiar to much of us according to the movie Ghost .

Meanwhile, it is necessary to thank for that pleasure which gives to all admirers of Whoopi Goldberg the game in the movie not somebody, namely Patrick Swayze. He insisted it on that the role of the Ode of Mae Braun was given it. And the fact that in the pictures the director Gerry Zakker surely removes the mother, at least in a bit part still very much touched me. In the movie Ghost mother of the director played a role of the employee of bank.

By the way, the main character could turn out absolutely another: initially Sam Whyte`s role was offered Bruce Willis, but he refused it as he considered that the rolling future does not shine the movie. Paul Hogan to whom Sam`s role was offered too gave preference to other movie. And here Patrick Swayze agreed, and I think, never in life regretted about it.

It is interesting that a movie " genre; Ghost the Internet - resources is specified differently on different. Someone calls it the drama, someone the melodrama, someone the comedy. The truth is that creators of the movie managed in the same cinema to show also dusherazryvayushchy scenes and directly - comedy situations. What is only costed by one episode when the heroine Whoopi Goldberg appears before need to give the huge sum of money as a donation to priests.

Not without reason movie Ghost became the leader of hire not only in the premier 1990, but also took the nineteenth place in a rating of leaders of a video hire shop for all history of Hollywood. It is interesting to watch this movie even if you revise it for the fifty fourth or seventy second times. Probably, in it there is also a merit of the screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin who received Oscar for this scenario which could make quite banal history such it is fascinating beautiful.

I represent with what spirit there were on a movie film session residents Monterrey in Mexico! They say that on an entrance distributed them envelopes with handkerchiefs inside. And from the release of the movie to this day admirers are not tired to admire this sob-story of love in two measurements. Are not tired to revise the movie from beginning to end, up and down, looking out for film mistakes lovely to heart, downloading a soundtrack, sticking over a bed posters with any heroes.

But in this movie there is much deeper meaning, than this sense can seem at first sight, and for everyone. It and that the true love is not love to the death, is love and after it. It and that each of us on this earth has the business which needs to be finished. It and that the friendship between one people comes to an end as soon as there is a question of money, and between other people - only at this moment also begins...

For each of us sense in this movie the - sad, instructive, romantic or philosophical. Probably, and has to be if it is about the movie for all times.