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How in a week forever to get rid of a depression? The Heavy long depression it is possible to win against

only special medical supplies which should be accepted strictly on doctor`s orders. But whether always under the word depression the serious illness disappears?

Most often a depression we call a dejectedness, grief and unwillingness to communicate with people around. It happens in life of everyone and how quickly we get rid of this state, driving away melancholy and apathy, depends only on ourselves. I offer you an own week course of treatment from bad mood. Put


On the street pours a rain, and nearby there is nobody who could warm you this rainy evening? First of all, you need a plate of tasty cookies (it is possible to bake with own hand, and it is possible to buy in shop), a warm soft plaid, a mug of hot cocoa or mulled wine and one good movie (it is better if it is the melodrama). Tonight you can cry over the movie and over the life so much how many want. But remember, it is the last day when you cry not with happiness! In the evening, being put to bed, fall asleep with thought that tomorrow morning you will wake up absolutely happy person. Put


Today you have to as it is possible to indulge stronger than. You love yourself! Spare no expense for the pleasant shoes or for the book of which dreamed long ago. Today you are able to afford everything! A dinner at restaurant, evening in theater or even horse walk in the country. Do everything that will come to your mind. Only one condition: do not take alcohol! Put


Morning surely begin with a glass of fresh juice and morning exercises - it will give you a cheerfulness charge for the whole day and will lighten mood. However, you can replace gymnastics with morning jog or just walk on park. It is so exciting to walk in the fresh air before a breakfast! As you will begin day, so and you will spend it, and such pleasant morning, undoubtedly, foretells to us successful day. Put


Bring something new in your life. Long ago dreamed to be engaged in painting? So in what business? Visit art shop, sellers will help to choose to you suitable paper, brushes and paints. Perhaps you wanted to learn to swim long ago? And can be to go to driving lessons and to acquire the rights? All new what you undertook, not only surely is useful to you in the future, but also will bring the mass of positive emotions. Put


Today we have to give as much as possible time to the appearance! You have such fine rich inner world, but not only the fact that inside is important. What outside, too is important therefore get rid of this stretched sweater rather! Without regret exempt the case from things which you do not carry more than a year. Throwing out old things, we make room for new, more necessary. Put


Help those who need your help. Carry in orphanage of the book and a toy which remained from your younger sister or the brother, visit a pets shelter. You dreamed of a fluffy kitten or a playful puppy long ago? It is time to achieve dream! You should not look for a thoroughbred animal, take a dog or a cat in a homeless animals shelter better. You will make very big good deed and will find the devoted friend. Put


Time to sum up the results. You already also do not remember what is a depression and as it is shown. Your life became interesting and saturated, you had new friends. The most important not to forget that life is fine and ourselves do it such. Love yourself, and let in your life there will be no place for a depression!