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How to develop in the child of ability of future scientist?

you, probably, dream of that your kid grew up the great scientist, the athlete, the artist or the pianist. Everything is possible, but at first define in what area he best of all succeeds. In it there is nothing difficult. What the child does with special pleasure, dreaming and modernizing, most likely and is in the sphere of its increased abilities. We already defined signs of future writer and future painter. And in this article we will consider signs which will indicate future talented scientist or the inventor.


the Child is unusually consecutive

. In his concept any trifle has to be systematized, everything has the beginning and the end. He is concerned not only by result of occupation or game, but also all intermediate actions (it not only builds of the designer, but also sorts). The kid is interested in abstract concepts: time, good and evil, pleasure and grief. The child with such traits of character has good chances to become the scientist, the programmer, the engineer or the financier.

How to help development of abilities

Exact mind of the child demands an order and the mode. Consider it at arrangement of its room: each thing has to have the place or a box. Any subject has to lie in the place allocated for it. If your child very long gathers for walk or in kindergarten, do not hurry him. Perhaps, he considers something very important.

Do not interrupt the baby if he too long explains something and tells. Reasonings are also necessary for your little wise man, as well as time for thoughts.

Get to the child chess, checkers, Monopoly - it will help it to develop the abilities. of course, be engaged in

I and play with it in special clever games. For example, in such.

We Take to pieces

Game develops logic, fills up a lexicon. The sense of game consists in the following: the whole subject needs to be segmented. Prepare pictures with the image of the sorted objects in advance.

For example, you show to the child the picture with apple and ask it to tell what it consists of (a branch with a leaflet, a peel, stones and pulp). It is so possible to consider the following objects: house, flower, mushroom, table, cup. Only explain to the child that contents are not an obligatory component of a subject (that is tea is not part of a cup). Still will be useful to pay attention of the kid that some parts of objects identical on the carried-out functions, can be called differently (in the car - a wheel, on the plane - a steering wheel).

This game can be diversified as follows: you call part of a subject, and the child - a subject. For example, you speak thread and he has to answer " coil;. Here several approximate words - tasks: heel, page, tail, key, petal, brick, scales, arrow, branch.

How to learn?

This game develops observation, sharpness, logical thinking and the speech of the child. You describe a situation and ask: How to learn that ? And the child has to answer. There are several approximate situations:

1. The girl was given in hands the closed box. How to learn, empty it or in it something lies? (To shake);

2. Mother cooked soup. How to learn, tasty Lyon? (To try);

3. Today the father repaired the TV. How to learn whether it turned out at it? (To turn on the TV); Accept

not only serious, but also comic answers. The more ridiculously, the game will be more interesting!

Silly questions
This game teaches the child to select

among a set of information necessary, and also to concentrate. Warn that questions will be comic. If the child does not know how to answer, offer him several possible options. Questions can be such:

1. Who such: small and greyish, on a mouse similar? (Little mouse);

2. What do you see blindly? (Dreams);

3. Whether the sparrow can tell that he a bird? (No, he is not able to speak);

4. How many apples can enter a bowl? (Any, everything it is necessary to put);

5. What hand mother usually stirs sugar in tea? (Tea is interfered not with a hand, and a spoon).

Your little Einstein cannot without constant gymnastics for mind . However even it needs rest from new opening and knowledge. Such child has to have a rest actively. Write down it in sports section or play with it sports!