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Where and how to get acquainted with the woman? Several simple ways

Today to get acquainted with the pleasant woman, in general, do not make special work. The reasons to approach it the weight, the main thing - to guess mood and to proceed strictly from current situation.

Really to approach the woman not so difficult. It is necessary to know that (according to numerous statements of psychologists) women are rather open for communication, excess acquaintance will not prevent it at all. However it is necessary to remember that we have to take the first step, men.

The first that needs to be made as psychologists consider, it to ask themselves a question: What for? That is for the sake of what, actually, we try to get acquainted? There are three full answers: to have a good time, to prove something to friends or, at last, to construct certain relations with the new girlfriend. In the first two cases acquaintance happens short-term. Psychologists are sure that later few months you do not even remember a woman`s face with which struck up acquaintance. Of course, there are exceptions, however it is the law of the human relations.

In the latter case the situation looks much more seriously and more difficult. Approaching the girl, we want to hope that we will communicate with her and tomorrow, and years later. Psychologists advise to answer other question: Where to get acquainted? The Answer to it exists one - anywhere. So.

Restaurants, cafe, bars. we Will imagine such picture: at one table the man, alone sits at another - the woman, and too one. What to do? Let`s tell at once, to invent novelties it is useless - everything is thought already up davny - long ago. To emphasize romanticism, the man can present through the waiter to the woman a bottle of refined wine (if, of course, he understands this question thoroughly). Believe, the woman will surely take an interest from whom such gift. From this minute you can consider that acquaintance took place And if the woman also saluted it a glass with the same wine, then this man - already the in a board also can count that they will spend evening together.

There is one more simple way - to try to sit down by the lady for her little table. However it is important to remember that in this case you should not peret as the tank on the enemy, and it will not be surprising to impose himself at all if the woman instantly pays off and will leave or, what is worse, will call protection.

Street. to surprise nobody with Acquaintances on the street today. However and here it is important to know the principles of acquaintance that the man was not taken for the fool or not sent .

Situations can be various - it is possible to ask location of the house interesting you, time women or (if business happens at a stop) to take an interest whether it is visible in the distance the bus. Here the main thing - your imagination. However you remember: everything has to occur naturally and unostentatiously. The impudence and excessive self-confidence at acquaintance not always help, and sometimes at all spoil all process.

It is possible to present other picture - the girl one sits on a shop in park. It is besides natural to approach and sit down on the same bench, but at some distance from the lady. A subject for conversation - any, but nothing meaning: weather, the children walking in park, pets (if, for example, at her legs the effective lap dog sits).

It is possible to get acquainted also in favourite shop . Cases when people unfamiliar with each other, standing in a queue, are interested at these or those goods standing quality nearby are frequent whether these cookies etc. are tasty. It is possible to tell with confidence - in 9 cases from 10 you will surely get the new girlfriend.

Acquaintances on interests . If you understand painting or play sports - run on exhibitions or sports sections. There you will surely meet the lovely lady to whom will be about what to talk - here and a reason for acquaintance.

Where still it is specifically possible to get acquainted? For example, in library . You noticed that the woman chooses the impressive number of books or asks work of the author loved by you the librarian? Offer it the help or report that several books of it are that the writer is also at you. It is sure that the woman will answer you with mutual attention. Concerts, performances, generally, cultural life - your elements? It`s cool! You will have no problems!

In sports facilities the mixed groups of health are popular for a long time. There is an occasion to glance and there. And suddenly there will be that one and only which you so long looked for?

At last, the most favourite action happening in many cities - Yard holiday . You say that you know all who live in your area? You are mistaken. Let`s remember a remark from the well-known movie Moscow does not trust tears : Live in one entrance: it on the fourth floor, it - on the eighth, and got acquainted at us in " club;. However it is not forbidden to visit Yard Holidays the cities occurring absolutely in other part. Organizers will be glad to all guests, and you, perhaps, will get acquainted with the woman. Suddenly it is your destiny?

Dance pavilion. we Will return on several decades ago. Then dances where lonely men and women looked for friends were fashionable. Everything began with a simple waltz. Today concept dances exchanged on discos however the sense of this action remained the same - to get acquainted with the new person. The hint is clear? In particular this type of acquaintance is actual for youth, however recently discos are popular also with representatives of middle age. Therefore dare.

Acquaintances through intermediary . Recently became fashionable to suggest the best friend to get acquainted with a certain girl, describing her advantages. It is not necessary to be afraid of it, it is worth looking narrowly nevertheless. And not only to future girlfriend, but also to the friend. Why? If she is his friend, so they have to be similar in something.

There is also other option, very much and very popular today. For example, your best friend invited to the birthday to himself not only you, but also other acquaintances whom you never saw earlier. In the course of celebration you meet the woman with whom it is possible to construct at least the friendly relations. Cases when the real families grew from such acquaintances are known.

And, at last, we will sort the new type of acquaintance which became popular recently - according to announcements and on the Internet . As psychologists consider, a similar look - no more than frivolous invention as we do not see who wrote these announcements who sits in front of other computer at present. And very often we take the interlocutor absolutely for other person and we imagine him in a different way. Also there are situations when the man is sure that he on the Internet corresponds with the woman, and actually it interlocutor - too man. And if we wish to construct the long relations, up to creation of a family, then, except disappointments, such games will bring nothing. As psychologists assure, at acquaintance the new girlfriend needs to look in the face. In this case there is no such opportunity simply.

Thus, you see that it is much simpler to get acquainted with the girl, than it is represented, it is only an insignificant trifle in our life. The only thing that it is necessary for you - it is desire to get acquainted, the formulated purpose, and then you by all means will get the new girlfriend, or perhaps and the faithful companion of life.