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Competent offer. What mistakes are made by managers?

put an antispam in the post program Long ago, and importunate offers everything come and arrive. Some I delete at once, without reading. Some I open to learn, but alas The same mistakes, the same rake on which there step inept sales managers.

How to make the offer? About standard canons is already written much. Things are changing, and conclusions are not drawn. And again fly to a basket and unopened letters with unread offers.

The most important - to understand, that you want to inform the client. In what the most important distinctive feature of your offer. In what it is more attractive to your potential buyer. More attractively in comparison with competitors.

The competent offer is the short, very concrete, clinging letter. Its purpose - to motivate to act. But not to that with disappointment to send it to devils and to put a ban on your address. And to that the client understood that need to pick up the phone ripened and to agree about a meeting with you.

Each sane sales manager dreams of it. But seldom knows how to make it in practice.

After it will be defined that you bear to the client unique, there will be a question number two - and who is he, your client ? At each stage it is possible to make many interesting discoveries for himself. Without having believed in the product, in the service, never you motivate anybody to make a choice in own favor. People feel it very thinly. In each line of the sluggish offer uncertainty and apathy will appear. And the shouting offer will frighten the hopelessness - Well, vooozmiiiit me! ...

To distribute offers to anyone - only the beginner to acquire skill direkt - marketing, is able to afford it no more. It is easy to count overall performance of the manager. If on hundred distributed offers you receive ten answers - your efficiency of 10%. If zero You just killed the working hours and money of the employer. However and huge plus is in this family way. Draw a conclusion - or the offer was inconcrete and uninteresting, or you illiterately chose audience.

The offer - your business card. The clever client will read a lot of things between lines. If at all will open it. It is wrong to include in one offer the full presentation of all package of services with tariffs, prices and heavy pictures. It especially irritates. Each manager has to have such preparations in a reserve. And it is necessary to send them only after inquiry of the interested client.

Today time accelerates. Therefore in only several lines it is important to find room for that valuable information which surely will interest your client into each offer. The most skillful offer will contain all necessary information on one printing page. Accurately and it is clear - that you offer and why favourably to work with you.

Often the question of benefit and hangs in mid-air. Managers of the differences from the same firms - clones do not know. If in firm there are no competitive advantages - it is a high time to create them. For a start in the form of single actions, and over time to include in a package of services. Presently the most creative survives and customer-oriented. Clients pay you a salary, but not your director.

And one more quite widespread mistake - being fond of the description of the product, the manager forgets to put a contact information. For the sake of what all these efforts?

If your offer begins with the words Dear head or Misters it can nullify all your efforts. Better if you spend slightly more time, but learn a full name of the specific person to which yours intends pass - the presentation. In our century of information opportunities to make it it is easy. You do not pursue the number of the distributed offers, transfer it to quality.

Several practical advice. Write the developed offer. Write everything that you know and that you want to tell about the product. Surely you create in good mood and with big desire. It will help to give to the text energy .

Now re-read written and cut by half, having ruthlessly amputated all fillers and parenthesises. Once again re-read and again circumcise - to one page, having chosen the essence. Be not upset - your works will not be in vain - now you know in what you pluses of your offer and very eloquently will be able to reflect them in personal meeting with the client.

Then pass this offer at office round - let all department will work over creation of the clinging text, let everyone will pass it through itself(himself). Present that you are that client who should read it. Interestingly? Important not only to awaken attention, it is important to cause interest, to excite desire and to involve in action.

Read the ready text aloud, so easier will be to hear absurdities and discrepancies and to replace them with successful turns. Read with different expression - enthusiastically, with humour, with admiration, business tone and experience every time a letter shade.

Read and re-read someone else`s offers, choose them them those phrases - hooks which hooked on you. Write out them in a notebook. So over time your personal vspomogalnik with the magic, strong words filled with a deep meaning and a net energy will be born. There is a lot of such words, they are often used in commercials. Attentively listen to advertizing on radio and television and collect positive slogans.

It will be difficult only first. And then the sixth sense will join, and you will write colourful offers easily and skillfully.

I already wait for your offers. About! Same just what I looked for long ago! Favourably and conveniently.