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How to survive to women of fashion during crisis?

Crisis Crisis Crisis You turn on the TV, and there crisis, you go outside - crisis, you come on the robot - there too crisis! Even conversation with the young man passes to a crisis subject sooner or later It seems, the only rescue is to include Fashion TV and to be given to a motley stream of skirts, trousers, blouses, dresses, but also here something not so

Instead of expensive fabrics and bright flowers before eyes there pass gray models in gray clothes. It is opposite to look. Where the fashion got to? - you wonder and right there you look at own, long ago not updated clothes. Also you understand: CRISIS!

But why crisis has to influence us in general?! Why we from - for crisis have to refuse to ourselves things which so are pleasant to us?! It turns out what in the next half a year - year we can forget about beautiful dresses, brilliant accessories, expensive jewelry and send itself to the victim to financial crisis in the world?

Well is not present, we not such to betray themselves to despondency from - for such trifles So nearby to a depression, and there and to a stress. So to do? How not just to live this period of time, and to pass through it with pride and highly raised head? Here couple of councils, following to which can help many active girls and women.

1. Buy the fabric suitable you and only to you in drapery, find to yourself the good dressmaker and include the imagination together with the master, their benefit is a lot of now!

It is desirable that the master was not from an era of the Union, but also too young too not really will approach. The first though skilled, but can torture so you the Puritan ideas that the effect will be worse than a depression. And too young, though will not contradict your ideas, but from - for inexperience fabric can spoil.

Purchase of fabric and work of the master will cost to you cheaper and the remained money can be spent for accessories and jewelry.

2. If purchase of fabric and work of the master you not to liking or do not have money for it, then try to descend on the market forgotten by you long ago. Yes, you did not mishear! Things are much cheaper there, than in boutiques, and quality identical. In the markets there are booths in which the clothes delivered by smuggling are on sale. Crisis will not continue all eternity, will be enough for this season, and there again will return to the favourite little shops. And if you also active, then can work skirts over details, dresses etc. of

3. Well, and if your finance does not allow you to buy something at all, then there are two options: to forget about own laziness and to try to alter something from old or to forget about purchases and to wear what is available.

For this purpose to alter old in something new, we open the websites with fashionable clothes in this season, we look, we examine, we estimate, we take scissors, a needle and own imagination in hand and we start business! And if on an attic the grandmother`s sewing machine was overlooked, so matters is a hundred times expedited. The main thing - volition and persistence, and there after two - three spoiled things, continually will turn out something traveling and fashionable!

If you decided to wear old, then sorry, but you - not the woman of fashion! The real woman of fashion under no circumstances will not allow herself will appear in public in old

concerning accessories and jewelry, so remember manual training at school All of us were engaged in knitting, needlework, and work with beads and any there knickknacks, so in general has to be lovely to your heart and without crisis.

And in general let`s smile more often To Sebha and people around And then all of us will look as supermodels of the leading fashion designers.