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How to make for the child the beginning of academic year pleasant?

Probably, many of us now with pleasure would return in those days when we went to elementary school. Carefree childhood, schoolmates, interesting lessons and favourite teachers. Stop! And when you were 7 - 10 years old, you also strongly loved school? Adored teachers? Were on friendly terms absolutely with all children in a class?

Small children`s society has important problems too - problems in communication with peers, problems with lessons, problems with teachers. The summer came to an end, the rainy fall began, more and more seldom our school students are in the fresh air, even more often they should sit over books.

To us, adults, it is heavy to come back to work from holiday too. But we - that at the work, at least, receive money. And, if the chief absolutely flies into a rage, we can leave, having sent the chief where far away. And the child at school gets paid not, and estimates. And it will not be able to send the teacher far away even if very much will want it.

Most often in the first days of September the school student stays in excellent mood, he is glad to a meeting with friends, new acquaintances, new occupations. But every day set more and more lessons, teachers swear, there are no wish to read the book at all, and the best friend does not allow to write off.

What you can make to lighten mood to the little school student and to awaken in interest in study is mute?

We will begin with clothes. Almost all parents buy at the end of August a new sports suit, trousers, shoes for the child. To us it is important that things were warm and practical. And here to the child it is important that things were beautiful and fashionable in his understanding. I remember how strongly in the first class I wanted the Chinese green polo-neck with the Little Mermaid, and mother dressed up me in expensive suits. Children have the fashion, and here it is very important to reach compromise.

Important and what school writing-materials your child uses. It is important that the child did not feel deprived among other children. If all in a class have beautiful bright notebooks and cases, and at it is not present, hardly you will wait from the child of special eagerness to knowledge. Many parents are sure that colourful covers of notebooks will distract the child from study, but it not so! I remember how it was pleasant to take beautiful notebooks out of a briefcase. It is much more pleasant to do in them homework. It seems to you that the fifth set of felt-tip pens is not necessary to your child at all? Very much it is even necessary! In it absolutely other shades.

Whether you note progress in study? The kid finished a quarter on one five? It is an excellent occasion to bake cake, to prepare his favourite fried chicken and to note the termination of a quarter in the family circle! And what if in the diary except the five there are fours and the three? Anything terrible! Existence of the three not an occasion to cancel tea drinking with cake. It is important to child to know that you love him not for estimates. Existence of the three and the two is your fault, but not your child. Just in the following quarter pay more attention to joint performance of homeworks, and estimates will become much better!

The holiday table should be laid not only upon termination of a quarter, but also on the first of September. The beginning of academic year is very important day for the little school student, it is his holiday, and holidays should be celebrated!