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Why disabled people and how is to them in houses - boarding schools become an inveterate drunkard?

throughout many centuries are carried out search of the most effective means and ways of a protection of people from destructive influence of alcohol. Today business reached that even among disabled people there is a number abusing alcoholic drinks and drugs increased several times. And it in spite of the fact that many of them live in houses - boarding schools on full state providing.

What it why everything so occurs? The question is not rhetorical, but essential, requiring not only the closest attention of competent authorities, but also quickly - the constructive decision at the state level.

One of the main reasons − considerable strengthening of action of a number socially - the economic reasons, the reasons and conditions causing familiarizing of broad masses of the population with alcohol (socially - economic instability, disorder in financially - the household sphere etc. ). From here − as a result − steady growth of consumption of alcoholic beverages and psychological predisposition to deviations from generally accepted standards of morality.

Other reason − unemployment of the most part of the population. For example, in the same houses - boarding schools many disabled people are provided to themselves, in them nobody especially - that is not engaged. Labor process (work therapy) for aged and disabled people is limited only to production of tortovy boxes and wreaths moreover which - what sewing. From entertainments − only a domino yes in chess with checkers. And all. Therefore in houses - boarding schools disabled people drink, become an inveterate drunkard, die. It besides that someone easily could be engaged some present, useful business − repair of hours, drawing, sport etc. It is enough talents.

But the majority, to regret, drag gray, senseless existence. Prospects any. − vodka; only pleasure that really remained with them. Therefore for the sake of it are ready literally for everything, without any regret leave the last money.

Often resort to alcohol, hoping to feel pleasant mood, to reduce mental intensity, to muffle feeling of fatigue, a moral dissatisfaction, to leave from reality with her never-ending cares and experiences. One it seems that alcohol helps to break a psychological barrier, to come into emotional contacts, for others, especially minor, it is represented means of self-affirmation, an indicator courage and maturity . Disabled people not exception.

In what conditions they should live in the house - a boarding school: a stench, the broken walls. Everything decays, flows, collapses. Eternally is not enough for capital repairs of money. The clothes are given, but what: footwear of the standard − size; 40 - 44, underwear − 60 - 66. Food is monotonous: daily for dinner mashed potatoes with fish, roll (or cookies) and tea. Soap on 100 grams is given once a quarter. Therefore much living in the house - a boarding school for 25 percent from pension (other part of pension − 75 percent − under the law it is selected on account of the house - a boarding school) itself should buy literally everything: personal hygiene means, clothes, products (though under the same law all this has to be provided free of charge and in full!) .

And with whom it is necessary to live in office? With the former prisoners and chronic alcoholics. A mat on a mat. Theft. Between employees and living there is no respect, mutual understanding: for the first − if only as - nibud to fulfill change and to run away from a nightmare " quicker; to a family, for others − if only did not get, left alone and did not select " vodka;. It only in ministerial reports everything is good, people - boarding schools live in houses up to standard and are provided to all.

The alcohol dulls an opportunity with understanding to treat the events. The person leaves from reality. Voluntarily − from here and abuse. To spit that from - for it the notable damage is caused to health. The main thing that you it is also not necessary to solve anything anywhere. Problems any, put too. Thoughts do not cause mental anguish any more, do not excite conscience. The feeling of disability disappears at all, you do not belong to state walls any more. You deceived all: director, chief physician − ran away from them, from their notations, pricks. If select the last pennies from pension, then around fools there is a lot of, someone yes will lend. This happiness. Happiness of the drunk disabled person.

Someone, of course, will not understand. For the time being, until itself you fall into a state when from all adversities and problems it wants to howl a wolf. Destiny − it is artful piece with anybody it is not considered. Today you young, physically healthy, succeeding in affairs, and tomorrow some accident, armed attack of morons at an entrance of own house − and metamorphosis, you already anybody Disabled person. Bum. In a word, derelict of society. Terribly.

By the way, murder in houses - boarding schools because of abuse of − alcoholic drinks; an event though outstanding, but happening periodically. Disabled people of the I first group, not transportable, do not put in usual prison, it is not calculated in respect of conditions of keeping. Do without court, medical certificate. Mental hospital − the most that place, just for disabled people. And then one road − psychoneurological boarding school. However it is, as a rule, not accepted to speak about it in general. There are no occasions, statistics - that any is not conducted. And in internal affairs of the house - a boarding school it is from the outside better not to be put. It is unprofitable, an excess headache.

And all - from problems not to leave anywhere. Happiness, not happiness, but abuse of − alcoholic drinks; bad job. As clear as day, as clear as a day − four. Suicide. The permit in a mental hospital. Then whether these should be engaged in general? But it is necessary to live - that all the same, despite everything, to spite of everything. It will be managed to go to a better world always. There is no it that some problem had no decision. At strong desire, persistence and commitment of everything it is possible to achieve. The problem of abuse of alcoholic drinks is not an exception whether early late it can be solved too.

How? In general... Well, for example to intensify actions (not on paper and in reports!) on fight against vodka substitutes and illegal vodka... To create effective system of psychological and social adaptation to new living conditions which would include measures for promotion of a healthy lifestyle and protection of sincere health of children, and also measures on the physician - the psychological and social assistance to the people enduring a stress (the physician - psychological consultation, a telephone hotline etc.) ...

If it is about houses - boarding schools then all policy has to be significantly reconsidered! Why, for example, not to attach the house - boarding schools to the enterprises, in exchange for tax benefits? It really would allow to open at houses - boarding schools production sites which considerably would distract on themselves the main part of those residents who do not know, than it is possible to kill time. Besides, create in houses - boarding schools socially - psychological services − many problems would be resolved by itself! All this

, it is sure, considerably will lower morally - moral degradation.

Alcoholism − it not only trouble of each certain person, but also illness of society in general. Russia − our general house. Both only together and structurally - concrete affairs our country can be pulled out from terrible whirlpool of defects.