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How to make the life it is better? Personal experience of

of People who really are able to enjoy life actually not so is a lot of. For the most part of my acquaintances life is a monotonous bustle from the house for work, in a supermarket and back. If for you a chain the house - work - grocery store - kindergarten - the house too became a way of life, reflect whether it is time to change something?

Few years ago I lived as though according to the scheme too. Identical days, the identical occupations which are not bringing special pleasure. Just because so it is necessary. It is necessary to tide up, it is necessary to go to work, it is necessary to cook borsch. But at some moment all these monotonous actions began to make up on me for such melancholy that I was nearly depressed.

Having woken up one morning, I decided that I for anything will not live according to the habitual scheme any more! First of all I called for work and, having referred to cold, took couple of days off. Then I went to have breakfast. But not on kitchen, and in the nearest cafe. To my surprise and pleasure there was no limit. It appears, it so simply and cheerfully to sit in cafe on a summer verandah, to listen to music and to drink fragrant coffee with a roll!

Surprisingly, but after an unusual breakfast I had such charge of cheerfulness that I in a couple of hours carried out clear-out in the apartment, made a lunch and a dinner. When all household chores were redone, I took a beautiful notebook and decided to write in it how it is possible to make the life better. You can make so too.

Making in a notebook the new schedule lives, I tried to include in it everything that I once wanted: a visit of cinema and theater, walk in park, trips to the country on days off, shopping, the pool and fitness. There I pasted the beautiful thematic pictures which are cut out from magazines that they reminded me what fine can be life when in it there are a variety and entertainments.

If you decide to make the personal schedule, try not to exaggerate especially, but also not to underestimate the material resources. For example, weekly rest on Maldives is available to not everyone, and here at the weekend you quite are able to afford a trip to the country to yourself especially as you deserved it!

It is not necessary to refuse to itself and various pleasant trifles, such as purchase of the new stylish daily log or a beautiful hairpin for hair. Such trifles cost not much, and lighten mood very strongly.

More often be in the fresh air, walk in parks and gardens, make morning jogs. In we wash the area of jog there is no place to make therefore I bought a racetrack and placed it on a balcony. By the way, though I play sports at home and nobody sees me, on me always a beautiful snow-white sports suit, but not house clothes.

By the way, sports activities significantly improve quality of life. The main thing - to choose for itself a suitable sport. Someone suits run or driving the bicycle, to someone swimming more, and to someone simple gymnastics. Different, we have all people different physical training, different age and different temperament. It is important to choose that sport which will not only support you in a good form, but also to bring pleasure from occupations.

Indulge yourself, give yourself gifts, drive yourself in restaurants! Love yourself, and then your life will become brighter and more interesting!