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Man and woman: how not to lose the head and not to break a neck?

The Man - the head, the woman - a neck: where the neck will turn, there the head also looks . Constantly I notice that men quote this saying far more often than women. Whether it is casual? If to understand, the compliment to the fair sex in it is not deprived of slyness.

Under all laws of anatomy and physiology the neck is incapable to turn in itself - powerful nervous and power impulses from the head are necessary. They also move it. Also did not stick ours to the heads on life to grumble: any turn without their participation does not happen. And to look they are always free where to them will like. Up hill and down dale. And to necks about their panorama of the review sometimes it is not conducted anything.

Generally, the wrong saying from the point of view of scientific approach. But if it managed to grow so strongly into mass consciousness, I will overpersuade nobody. Let`s imagine that it and is the most harmonious model of development of relations between the sexes. But in each game - the rules. Well that, we play further?

So, five rules which each head should remember, sitting on a neck.

Rule first: keep strong! Necks, even very gentle and fragile, are sometimes capable during well to hold incredibly long time you suspended. Necks with the least developed coordination and muscles fail earlier. What waits in that case for the head, it is easy to imagine. Empty, thoughtless, eternally intoxicated heads lose familiar spots more often than the others. Here will remember anatomy already late. At many necks grow the heads new, more attractive in every respect subsequently. A striking example - Zmey Gorynych.

Rule second: do not relax! It is extremely undesirable, having settled down on a neck, to lower down legs or to accept other impressive poses. Application of yogovsky asanas without special preparation is unhealthy.

Rule third: do not look for more than one neck on the head. Two - three craniums on one basis the mankind though somehow imagined: in mythology and in horror films. And here the head which intends to keep on two three, and even, upas my God, several necks at once, is already from the area lying outside figurative thinking.

Rule fourth: develop and improve administrative skills. Necks extremely seldom cope automatically. Hopes that once and for all you will put qualitative software, and then only you will press all life certain buttons, almost any. Wheels and levers too will hardly help. You pass on sensorno better - manipulative management. And the pliable neck seriously will believe in the fact that she twirls by you.

Rule fifth: you are not proud of the situation. It is proud the raised head in most cases - a neck merit.

And now five rules which each neck should remember not to remain brainless.

Rule first: do not risk the head under no circumstances. The second such can already and not turn up.

Rule second: do not take for a ride on trifles. She all - the think-tank also has to devote herself to generation of the major thought processes. From under what corner these processes will be generated, in many respects depends, to coexist to you further or not.

Rule third: be nadezhnoyopory. Perceive all conditions of the head as own. Whether she is killed with unrealizable dreams or migraine at her, a ring in ears, ripples in eyes - all your, integral cracks from problems, and you will not shift to others ridge.

Rule fourth: be in a tone. Not well-groomed and flabby neck will hardly make worthy conceited. And the more will hold.

Rule fifth: be flexible and plastic. If the head decides to fight about a wall, try to turn away blows. If on it suddenly cones some fall down, quickly involve it in shoulders, and even to you will get. If in the head wind goes on a spree, nestle more strong that cracks between you were not.

For the first time, probably, will be enough. And in principle, both lists of rules can be expanded and supplemented indefinitely. A subject - the untilled field for virtual folk art. For enthusiasts, I think, business will not become