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Whom can be today`s unemployed tomorrow?

to be left without work and to be the unemployed - not absolutely alone and the same. So, for obtaining the official status of the unemployed, in addition, other employers will need confirmation of uselessness of your knowledge and experience. For this purpose the inspector of an employment service every time selects suitable vacancies for employment for the available specialty .

It is considered that recognition by the unemployed requires either double lack of suitable vacancies or existence of two refusals of employers. It is undesirable to refuse vacancy, otherwise at primary address after two refusals the status of the unemployed will not be given, and at repeated - payment of a grant is stopped.

However, concept suitable at the inspector and the unemployed can not coincide.

are important such moments as the specialty confirmed with the diploma of the state sample and the certificate of the income for the last three months For the inspector . If during this period a job was changed, then the salary only from the last place of work is considered that can be reflected in the grant size if the salary decreased.

Annoying when the wages is paid out in an envelope : on hands - one, and according to documents - absolutely another. As a result in the reference the inspector offers work proceeding from paper the size, but not from what really was given! As a rule, under such salary only low-paid professions approach that will hardly cause inflow of enthusiasm.

By rules the inspector on the discretion can offer work in any district of the city, and pleases that not each inspector uses such right, many consider and gray salary, both small children, and area of residence. Kickshaw, and it is pleasant.

After primary registration life of the unemployed is devoted to appearances in jobcenter each two weeks.

By the way, these of an appearance have key value for transfer of a grant , delay for one day threatens with stay, and even the termination of payments. If unemployed managed to ache, then he is obliged to warn the inspector, and after recovery to provide the sick-list, say, attendance has to be ideal.

The grant is listed by parts, 2 times a month, on the contribution opened in Sberbank Universal . Payments are directly connected with appearances to the inspector. So, the first part of a grant pays off and transferred only after the second appearance, and the period of calculation can take up to 2 weeks. And it means that really the grant in a month entirely comes somewhere 1,5 - 2 months later after registration.

In case nowadays the unemployed has any strange specialty (for example, years hundred works with the diploma of the doctor in commercial structure that does such diploma actually invalid, the doctor has to have continuous practice and each 5 years to confirm the qualification), and also at the request of the unemployed the employment service gives to an opportunity of retraining and vocational training . In other words, today`s unemployed can become other person tomorrow.

However, here you should not be under a delusion, generally on retraining are offered workers professions: the painter, the welder, the carpenter, the tailor, the cutter, though in the list there is still an accountant, the tourism manager and the floral artist. Once there were courses of security guards and drivers of the category In but the set on them is still stopped. However, can only in our city.

Going to courses, it is necessary to remember that in three-day time from the moment of the beginning of training it is necessary to return the notice of transfer to jobcenter. For training the grant will be appointed, and payment of a grant will be suspended and the unemployed will be struck off the register.

During training to the 25th day of every month in jobcenter needs also to provide the sheet of attendance and progress, at bad study and truancies it is the basis for reduction by 25% or the terminations of payments.

The additional attention is paid dismissed on reduction or at liquidation of the enterprise, the grant is charged by it from the first day after the period of the increased payments, i.e. an average salary in the last place of work.

The last innovation in training - the course Organization of business activity , lasting 7 weeks for 4 hours every day 5 days a week.

On these courses promise to devote in marketing bases, types of the account and reporting, financing of business activity, legal regulation, business - planning.

Before record on a course it is offered to answer 21 questions of the questionnaire according to enterprise abilities. It is remarkable that after the first four questions of skills, ability to finish the begun business, ability to direct and take the responsibility, unexpectedly there is a question number 5: You are healthy? with obvious implication: At you with the head precisely everything is all right? What business? Crisis outside .

After training it is necessary to pass a qualification examination and to present on court of the commission the developed business - the plan of the chosen kind of activity.

Left in February, 2009. The resolution assumes 2 types of financial support of the unemployed who decided to begin the business :

1. Financial aid on preparation of documents for registration of the enterprise, payment of the state duties, notarial and legal services, acquisition of forms, the seals and stamps. For example, at registration of SP the total amount of such expenses will make about 3000 rub and if this Ltd company - that about 7000 rub

Has to be considered that at first it is necessary to pay, provide all expenses in an employment service account documents, and only then on the passbook the spent amount will be transferred.

It must be kept in mind also the fact that this help needs to manage to use before the expiration of 30 days from the moment of registration by the businessman.

2. A subsidy for business development , equal to the size of the grant increased on 12 (i.e. the size of an annual grant).

Here it is still more difficult, and performance of a number of conditions is required. For example, the official status of the unemployed is necessary and the granted allowance is time; two - the commission has to approve the presented business - the plan; rub - the subsidy is provided after 26 days from the beginning of work of the registered enterprise; four - the enterprise has to mean existence of additional workplaces; five - the unemployed has to have length of service not less than 26 weeks before dismissal.

And it only the fact that on a surface, perhaps, there are both six, and seven, and even eight. All these moments are considered by the commission which solves subsequently, to subsidize your enterprise or to send to free floating.

Today in our city at the beginning of February the first group of 16 businessmen began to study, and the first meeting of the commission was planned only for March.

Whether there will be this experience successful - time will show for now the next group on training the unemployed was already gathered today, and tomorrow - owners of own business.