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Why Germany does not love The First of April? Here imagine

that you wake up in the morning, and your clothes are beaten to a chair by small carnations or the alarm clock is translated to an hour earlier, or Result one - you with some indignation think: Jokers . And then and you remember that today the first of April, April Fools` Day, or the April Fools` Day as sometimes in a different way it is called. Even the most serious person who in usual life does not dare to smile once again, will surely think up how to play a trick on the friend. Another matter how cheerful the joke will turn out But conversation will go not about it.

You can imagine the person who is not able to laugh? And several people? Probably, it is difficult to imagine it, but there are the whole people which are not able to laugh, and specially there are schools which train in this natural gift - art of laughter. It is possible to argue from where this playful day came, but here where it did not reach, it is known for certain - it is Germany.

In Germany of the first of April it is considered in the most unhappy afternoon . Why? And here the government, as always, is guilty of it. The source of this tragikomichny history originates even in the sixteenth century, to be exact in 1530. Then on the first of April the Reichstag decided to adopt the new law which put on ears of all speculators. It is clear, that the law reformed the monetary relations in Germany, and the first of April it turned out too fussy for not too conscientious residents of this country.

But the others who had nothing to lose only laughed at bureaucratic machinery when the Reichstag decided to transfer date of the introduction of the law to action. It turns out that for one it there was really sad day, on what only the victims did not go some businessmen to hold in the hands profit at the new law. And for others the first of April, 1530 it turned out April Fools` Day as well as the April Fools` Day (the government duped of speculators and other quirky businessmen).

But if to speak seriously, then in Germany day when in all other countries all joke on all, is unsuccessful day. All sympathize with mothers who gave rise on light of kids on the first of April, it is considered that the newborn is doomed to failures on life. By the way, historians say that this day Judas was born, and history of his life is well-known.

But the first of April as significant date is once again mentioned in the Bible: as day of overthrow of Lucifer. So, date for a festival of laughter is chosen far not incidentally, though specially nobody appointed it. But, as they say, the nature can also joke, and it manages it .

And still passion to play a trick on the neighbor prevails, and even in Germany people joke on the first of April now. By the way, this day work here practically stops, especially in the province. It is considered a bad form to begin new affairs on the first of April or to conclude any bargains. As they say, Germans like to joke, but at the same time do not forget what this custom in their country began with . Even pets who are not let out on the street suffer from such superstition, and about cattle in villages and it is not necessary to speak. Even the gloomy aura extended to it on the first of April. There is only a wish to ask: Our Dear foreign friends, and - that who can play a trick on cows? Probably, neighbors as the cattle spends this day in a stall.

And the last what we can laugh already at. In Germany really people are not able to joke by nature, otherwise Why in the capital would open school at which will train serious, and, above all, adult school students to such frivolous occupation - laughter? Needs to hope that in Germany will learn to treat life a syumor soon, and sedate Germans will play a trick on the friends, without expecting misunderstanding from their party.

Not without reason say that the laughter prolongs life, but it is necessary not only to be able to joke most and and to rejoice to a successful joke of the colleague, acquaintance, friend. So heartily we wish good luck in this undertaking. Forward, Germany, towards to laughter!