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How not to become the addict?

Die the person Slowly, alone. Here just it changes?

I am not going to acquit someone at all. The main part of these people addicts become, one may say, on the stupidity, did not want to be as everything, that is to lead full-fledged life: to study, to do military service, to work, raise children. But, unfortunately, is also such who the addict became from a hopelessness.

There is no sense to publish the concrete names − it solves nothing, a problem, eventually, not of private, but the general character. And more important it is not simple to understand an essence of current situation, but also in practice to take some concrete, constructive steps.

With what everything begins? From arrival of trouble: death of the close and loved to you person, an incurable illness, vital disorder The person breaks, he does not see ahead of nothing good, only any more utter darkness therefore in anything does not trust any more. From all this it becomes unpleasant at heart.

Today in Russia drug addiction accepted the awful, catastrophic sizes. Already any mass media do not do without messages on death which reason was an abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances. Today even teenagers with might and main not only are pricked, but also actively are engaged in drug any trade - psychotropic drugs.

Why everything so occurs? The answer is, probably, that the wide circulation of drug addiction in the country in many respects was a consequence of the existing gloomy social conditions. These are, naturally, crises, uncertainty in tomorrow, daily stresses, heavy nervously - a mental state and aspiration to receive the dope making impression of inflow of forces and after at least on a short period to leave from surrounding reality. Therefore it is not necessary to be surprised to distribution of drug addiction.

And still you should not despair. Desperate situations, as we know, do not happen. The person - the owner of the life, itself creates the destiny. There is no sense only to be cried. Not only society of everything is guilty, problems also of ourselves, in unwillingness to change something.

Yes, it is very difficult - to fall, and then again to rise. It is much easier to keep balance. But how to make it?

Before - to think of what is represented by our personality what we achieved in life. It is necessary to become the charismatic personality whose essence consists in independence of appearance, age and a social group, attracting and fascinating people around. It is necessary to learn to be it, and then we will never fly from a pedestal.

As clear as a day - four, it is necessary to learn three important rules:

The first - to do any serious work from 100% return (completely giving itself to the work).

The second - to be an optimist in any situation, and we will surely come out from it the winner.

The third - to find the hobby, that is such occupation which would inspire and pleased.

At observance of these three rules life will precisely turn to the necessary course. Always trust in the forces and abilities, each of us - the unique personality. These simple, but at the same time very important councils will help to survive with ours sometimes cruel society.

Each of us has pluses and minuses. To learn to estimate Prostonado really the opportunities. Having learned this, perhaps, difficult science, it is possible to achieve really everything and to find the place in life.

It is easier to survive if is for the sake of whom to live.

Other best way of a survival − cheerfulness. It is inherent in each of us at the genetic level. It is important to remember it in time.

If all - appeared in difficult conditions, then the main thing − here; to bridle fear, not to lose courage. It is necessary to believe that the correct decision will surely come, any problem is solvable. And the help will surely come.

The most terrible − panic. And that it arises the person is often guilty. Therefore it is necessary to get it together at once. To put in thought order. And then everything surely will turn out.

If there are not enough forces and confidence in themselves, it is possible to try to find adherents. Where three, five, - business is always argued. Moreover, in a hundred times you increase chance to achieve the...

In a word, there is a lot of recipes, at each of us about it the opinion, the look. But for the sake of the future it is worth refusing drugs! And all because in drugs there is no real sense. It is necessary to lead happy, healthy and long life!