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How to distinguish the professional from the layman in numerology?

In any business are different levels of development of quality:

+ - there are abilities, but they are not used;

1 - the layman, opportunities weak therefore are in every possible way exaggerated;

2 - the layman, average opportunities therefore others have not enough advantage;

3 - the expert, depending on conditions of an opportunity are shown on 1 or on 5 there is no stability;

4 - the professional, opportunities are shown steadily above an average, there is always an advantage;

5 - the master, the person devotes the life to development of opportunities in this case;

6 - the fan, ability is higher than an average, but opportunities are strongly overestimated therefore turn into the contrast and are shown as 1 .

What it means in practice? How to distinguish to the uninitiated person of the professional from the layman and the layman? For example, in such area as numerology.

We will begin with the author`s prevention. Actually all what the author writes about, no. It is simple to present his (author) a way our reality which brings it (author) practical benefit. Readers have the right to accept such way or to make other choice.

I use numerology for a long time, approximately since 2000. The numerical matrix of Pythagoras was pleasant as a way of studying of mathematics at school: here both addition, and subtraction, and multiplication, and division, is the place to the decision of system of the equations, matrixes, the main functions, geometry, etc. are used. But all this is used is very practical - the mathematical analysis of a matrix of Pythagoras allows to create quite exact and detailed description of personal qualities of the stranger. Agree, it is much more pleasant to run business with familiar people.

A method this such idle time that there was enough one conversation in the train to begin to use it. At first, not to forget a technique, I counted all the family. It turned out that there is a lot of coincidence to reality. However the excellent student at school and the owner of the diploma with honors of polytechnical higher education institution, carried it to manipulation: I knew these people therefore could just attract for ears famous information to data of calculation. Then, when the numerologichesky analysis of date of birth of strangers began to bring similar result, I carried it to to a gipsiness . Considered that in some way in conversation with the person including by phone (!) I guess its data and I tighten them to matrix numbers.

Understanding Something in it is came when people were surprised to my awareness on the Internet when I received date of birth on a network. Then I sat down for books.

First sign of the professional: studying of literature on numerology.

Ya bought up everything that was on numerology in bookstores of Tolyatti: books of Alexandrov, Kononov, Zyurnyaeva, Gaysinsky, Zaychenko (Diamond), Mukhina, Underwater, Kolesnikova, etc. Studying of the theory began. At some moment I got up before the choice: to study further numerology or to put into practice what I already know. By this moment I felt that this my BUSINESS! A choice was made in favor of practice.

Naturally, first of all, the numerology was applied in private life: clients, colleagues, friends, the wife, children - everything were counted and analysed. Conclusions were right there applied. Result: it really works!

Second sign of the professional: application of knowledge of numerology in own life. If the numerology works with

in the life, then why not to suggest to use it in life of other people. I began a stage of compulsory consultation: stuck to everyone Let me count! . Naturally free of charge. Why? And nobody offered It was a shame to me to ask money, and at people is such thought and did not arise. Yes, it was interesting to people, they even very much praised me But no more than that.

So the thought came: laymans praise - pay professionals. Thank God, understood: I lack professionalism to bring benefit to people. I stopped thinking about what is interesting to me, began to think of what I can be useful to people.

Third sign of the professional: services of a numerolog paid. Today I, as a rule, do not advise

free of charge. There is no problem - there is no advantage. If the person is not ready to pay for a solution - there is no problem, the person can make everything. Offering services without payment, the consultant deprives of the person of an option what problem to solve and in what way: independently or with someone`s help. If numerolog earns by the services - it means it learned to bring benefit.

The first three signs the general for professionals in any sphere. The fourth sign special - numerologicheskiya.

Fourth sign of the professional main: professional numerolog suggests not to develop, and to use the reality. If numerolog begins to tell

about strong and weak qualities of the person, suggests to develop weak qualities, calls for self-improvement, etc. - he is not a professional, in any case, not professional numerolog.

Why? We will talk about it in the following article.