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Why I recommend numerology?

In life of each family everyone was, is and will be. I am not an opponent of stains. Sometimes the question costs so: divorce or life. And not always this choice faces the woman, is more often - at men. As a rule, for the sake of the spouse`s children often doom themselves to slow suicide. To whom is it necessary?

To small children? How many destinies the decision " broke; to live for the sake of children . Without having an opportunity to estimate behavior of the father and mother, children literally absorb such templates of the relations between the man and the woman which put an end to happy family life subsequently.

My grandfather left a family. My father left a family. And in my family there was a period when the question stood an edge. And not important what was the reason. Then I did not understand yet what mistakes were made by my grandmother, my mother what parents of my wife did not teach the daughter to. Then I did not understand an error of education of our children yet - the daughter and the son. Then I did not understand yet that in a family responsibility is always born by the man. I knew only one: under laws of numerology if this examination is not passed by me, then my son should repeat it. And I made the decision to hand over it. To my family soon 30 years.

I am an opponent of concepts such as patrimonial damnation . Everything is much simpler. Or at children is an example of the solution of family problems, or these problems to them it is necessary to solve independently. And fate here not and. Usual use of experience of parents. At everyone the methods of the decision. I was helped by numerology.

As often people, looking at itself in video, stare in disbelief also to ears: It not I! They do not recognize themselves. In it the essence of all problems of the person also consists: we do not know ourselves that with whom our family, friends, colleagues deal. The reasons of our behavior need to be looked for in subconsciousness.

To estimate value of subconsciousness in our life, imagine an iceberg which sank " Titanic;. Imagine its small surface part and huge underwater. And now on the top of an iceberg put a walnut. Presented?

This will also be a value ratio for our behavior of consciousness and subconsciousness. Small walnut and huge ice block. And so the numerology helps to deal with our subconsciousness. She allows to understand subconscious templates of our behavior.

It turned out that a lot of things about itself can be recognized by date of birth, it allows not only to understand, but also to predict the behavior and the relations. It is worth assuming at least for a minute that date of birth is a sign in which all is ciphered information on qualities of the person, on his reality. The numerology allows to translate value of this sign into the language clear to any person.

The numerology will help to learn:

1) the qualities as a reality from the birth;

2) how to use the reality to achieve success in life;

3) what is good luck and as to attract it in the life;

4) indicators that the person followed the way leading to failure;

5) templates of the behavior and behavior of other people;

6) what conditions needs to create to the child that he achieved success;

7) what since small years it is necessary to pay attention to keep health of the child for many years;

8) the reasons of emergence of difficulties (quarrels, divorces, etc.) in the personal relations, in the relations with children, in business relations (with fellow workers, clients, etc.) .

9) how to eliminate difficulties in the personal relations, in the relations with children, with parents, friends, fellow workers and clients.

There are different ways to recognize the same: astrology, chiromancy, psychology, socionics etc. Why I recommend numerology?

Numerology the easiest way of the analysis of qualities of the person and human relations based on date of birth. Calculations are carried out very quickly (1 - 2 minutes). For carrying out the analysis it is required minutes 30 - 40.

Birthday the closest to heart of the person event. The most pleasant memories are associated with this event.

But most important: the numerology is my favourite business! For me there is nothing more interestingly and more useful it. I am ready to be engaged in this business 24 hours a day. As to any lover, it seems to me that better numerology there is no power on earth, the numerology is necessary to all people to

Interest huge, simplicity bribes, big advantage. Also happens very painfully when you listen to some experts . The temptation of speculation on interest of people in self-knowledge is very big therefore in this sphere there is a lot of profanation.

How to distinguish professionals from laymen in numerology? About it in the following article.