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What can be prepared from a penne pack?

Among variety of the pasta which appeared in such abundance on the Russian counters at once and for a long time favourites of many hostesses became a penne. At us they are called tenderly plumelets .

Some consider that such tubular macaroni in honor of the Italian city to Penna, but it hardly so is called. The word " is simple; penna in Italian designates feather . Similarity of the called macaroni to feathers can be challenged as ideal penne are slantwise the cut-off tubes, most often with longitudinal strips, 8 mm in the diameter and 40 mm in length.

Penne are very popular in Italy, and recently occupied the niche of popularity and the Russian hostesses. The Italian culinary specialists recommend to prepare penne paste to a state al awning then to give to a table with various sauces. Extent of preparation al awning means macaroni not razvarenny, from above soft, and inside as though a little dampish. In translation from Italian al awning means on tooth .

Can be given to a penalty fee to a table practically in any sauce. In any case, penne will definitely not spoil sauce. It is convenient to use a penne and for baked puddings, and in hot macaroni salads they look very effectively.

You should not confuse a penne to the " macaroni; zit which look approximately also, but here a cut at them not a braid, and therefore feathers definitely you will not call them.

Recipes for a penne to me met much, in the majority, they are similar one to another, and therefore I promise to bring here only those from them which tried to prepare itself or surely I plan to try to prepare in the near future.

But for a start I will tell about a way of cooking of macaroni to which my mother taught me. Since I began to cook macaroni in the mother`s way, they at me never stick together, do not burn, are not digested also nothing bad happens to them. Skilled hostesses, perhaps, will laugh, but I am sure that there are a lot of beginning culinary specialists upon whom cooking of macaroni brings a lot of trouble.

So, I put water in a pan on fire and when it begins to boil, I pour salt and I throw macaroni into water. Then I stir slowly them so that they from the very beginning did not stick to a bottom, and then I leave on fire before boiling. And here the main secret - as soon as macaroni will begin to boil, I once again well mix them, I cover a pan and I switch off fire. Everything, now they let will stand, will reach, so to speak.

If a pan cover transparent, then it is possible to observe through it how macaroni in a quiet state will begin to increase gradually in sizes. And here it is important to control process. If you need degree al awning it is possible to cast away macaroni on a lattice as soon as they half increase in a size. And if to you full degree of readiness is important, then wait a little more. Everything, macaroni is ready, did not stick together and did not stick to a pan bottom. Thanks to mother.

And now penne. A favourite dish of my house -

of the Penne with ham (sausages, sausages) and crude

of the Penne is boiled to a state al awning we throw back on a colander. On a frying pan it is well heated vegetable oil. Small cut onions, the carrots grated on a large grater, we roast on oil, there we squeeze out couple of garlic gloves. As soon as onions become transparent, we add the ham cut by straws. If there is no house some ham, then I replace this ingredient with the sausages cut with straws, sausages, boiled chicken fillet.

Fried, prisolit, peppered, removed from fire. It is possible to add soy sauce. The ready zazharka - gas station needs to be connected to macaroni then properly to mix everything. I mix hot gas station with a penne just before giving on a table, then I strew all this with grated cheese and once again I mix. Cheese melts, envelops macaroni - the family enjoys.

of the Penne with a liver

Very tasty dish turns out from a penne and a chicken liver. Penna for this purpose needs to boil to the same al awning to wash out and cast away. On a frying pan on vegetable oil to roast the chicken liver cut by whetstones and breaded in the added some salt and peppered flour. It is necessary to fry not to readiness but only until as the appetizing crust will appear. Then to add the onions cut with cubes to a liver, to squeeze out several segments of garlic.

I with a liver always add fragrant oil to all dishes - I draw vegetable oil on couple of segments of a lemon, garlick cores and greens of a celery. Once tried to add a vinegar drop to this sauce. In my opinion, it added a piquancy, but it is quite possible and to do without it.

As soon as onions will be ready, we pour in tomato juice in a frying pan. I on this case always in a cellar have a jar of tomatoes in own juice, I also use this juice. Give to a liver in a tomato properly to boil, without closing a frying pan a cover. Then I add shchepot dry fennel. The penne is poured into a frying pan with sauce from a liver, we mix, we leave on fire for several minutes. It is ready.

" Baked pudding; Tropikanka from a penne

Why Tropikanka ? Actually, there is nothing tropical in this recipe, but it on the TV was shown once by the actress who played a role tropikanka in the series of the same name. The recipe was remembered, is many times tested, and the name and stuck .

We boil penne macaroni, not strongly razvarivy. We shake up three eggs, a glass of milk, couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise in the blender as for an omelet. We mix yaichno - dairy mix with ready penne.

Small we cut any boiled meat or the mincemeat fried with onions. - preparations we spread one part of a penne on the oiled leaf, then meat, from above we spread the second part makaronno - egg weight. We put in an oven for about twenty minutes though time depends on thickness of layers. From above baked pudding can be jammed cheese, but I do not love a cheese crust from above therefore I quite often add grated cheese in yaichno - dairy mix.

Here I usually prepare such dishes from macaroni with the beautiful name penne . You do not judge me for unscientific nature of methods of cooking and several freestyle of a statement: my councils are addressed not to experts in the field of cookery and even not to skilled hostesses, but such as I. Who, having appeared in kitchen in front of the gas stove once, having blinked, takes the first careful and uncertain steps in house cookery. If to someone my councils are useful, I will be very glad.