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What is the Schengen visa?

the Schengen visa are some kind of throughput ticket to the countries of the Schengen area. In 1995, it agrees to the agreement signed between them, seven European countries - Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg - began to issue the visas granting the right for trips to each of these countries. In 1997 Greece and Italy, then Austria, and on March 25, 2001 - five more countries joined this seven: Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. In 2007 the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), then Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Malta were connected to them. Since December, 2008 Switzerland also joined them.

Besides, the Schengen visa opens entrance (and an entrance) in the territory of the states which agreed about free movement with member countries of the agreement. These are the small states: Andorra, Monaco, Vatican, Liechtenstein and San - Marino, and also Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Having received the visa to any concrete member country of the Schengen contract, our compatriot can during the period determined by the visa (no more than 90 days a half-year), to freely visit any of the listed countries. However there is a condition: it is necessary to follow the rule of the first entrance - the first can cross border only of that country in which consulate the Schengen visa was received. Only transit movement can become an exception. If you plan to visit several countries of the Schengen area at once, then the visa needs to be made out in embassy of that country in which you are going to spend most of all time. In this case the rule of the first entrance also works, however there are a lot of exceptions in requirements at the different states therefore the type of the visa and an order of entrance depends on the concrete list of the visited countries.

For obtaining the Schengen visa a certain set of documents is designated. On the majority of positions the list of documents , necessary for obtaining the Schengen visa, is same:

1. International passport;

2. in the presence of the second existing international passport its granting is obligatory;

3. 2 color photos (size of 3,54,5 cm);

4. Biographical particulars;

5. Photocopy of all pages of the civil passport;

6. Reference;

7. Financial guarantees - the documents confirming existence of money;

8. the Policy medical insurance for going abroad.

However it is necessary to consider that each country has also subtleties. The Embassy of Germany is the most scrupulous. For obtaining this visa it is necessary to complete a package with additional documents. It is possible, of course, to try to prepare independently all papers and their tax in consular service of embassy, but it is better to shift this task to shoulders of reliable travel company. Remember that the only establishment which opens visas is a consulate, and all other companies can help you with preparation and registration of papers only.

There are many myths around obtaining the Schengen visa. For example, that the person with the blank international passport can almost not receive it. It is not absolutely right. Just employees of consulate treat such citizens with great attention. If you had any problems with the law in one of the countries of the Schengen agreement, then most likely to you will refuse entry and into other countries of this zone. Unmarried girls and women, travelers alone, or those cases when the family in full strength goes to a trip can also cause keen interest. In such situation it is necessary to be prepared more carefully. It is necessary to provide the reference in which it is necessary to specify your salary in a month. It has to be not less than 400 c.u. If your salary is lower, then it is necessary to look for options. For example, the closest relative can sponsor for your trip (the notarized document confirming it is obligatory), and then the certificate of the income of your sponsor is provided.

The most important is to prove to consulate two things: the financial solvency and fact that you respectable tourist, but not the potential illegal immigrant. If you have a car, real estate, then be not too lazy, make a photocopy of the documents confirming your property right. Also surely prepare the certificate of presence at you the invoices in any bank. Do not worry, the embassy is not tax police, it not how you earned money is important, to them it is important that you have them. But the most important, perhaps, is to have sufficient financial means for the period of stay (at the rate of 35 - 50 euros for every day).

Even the next obtaining the Schengen visa unnerves the most inveterate traveler and what to speak about the beginning tourists! But everything is not so terrible. Isn`t that so? If to consider all subtleties and to prepare all necessary documents, the embassy will meet requirements of you and for you all Europe will open. Schengen is not the Iron Curtain, it is necessary just to make efforts.