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How by means of the Internet to congratulate darling on a holiday on March 8?

Soon on March 8, and before man`s part of the RuNet are on the agenda very serious question: how to congratulate darling on this remarkable holiday? To users of the " service which recently appeared in the Network; Schoolmate Plus to make it quite simply - creators of the project declared start of a new interesting competition: Darling on Schoolmates .

www Project. odnoklassnikplus. ru Schoolmate Plus officially began the work on December 16, 2008. It is independent from Schoolmates service, by means of which any user Schoolmates can send colourful cards to the acquaintances and friends.

New service does not change a code of the pages of the website " loaded by the user at all; Schoolmates. ru also functions as the stand-alone independent program.

Schoolmate Plus offers rather wide choice of cards with the most different holidays, and also thematic cards in the headings To Friends Beloved etc. Those who feel nostalgic for old times can choose cards of different eras: from 60 - x to 90 - x years. And the youth for certain will like stylish modern cards on different subjects.

To begin to receive and send cards, it is necessary to establish small addition to the Internet Explorer browser of versions 6 or 7. After that, at visit of the website Odnoklassniki. ru you will have an additional panel. On it the photo and a user name on which page you are, and also the cards received and sent them will be displayed (except those which were sent privately, that is in the look hidden from third-party eyes).

It is very important that use of service is completely free for all users. Neither at registration, nor when sending or receiving cards it is not necessary to pay anything - and any paid SMS.

Developers of service are children from the " company; i-LOGIK - live and work in Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized Dnestr republic. I asked to comment on start of service of Dmitry Goncharenko, project manager Schoolmate Plus .

Dmitry, for what purpose you started Schoolmate Plus ? We wanted to make by

something really necessary for a large number of people. All want to congratulate friends and the family, the majority of whom has the uchetka on Schoolmates, - and we found a way to help people to make it quickly, beautifully and free of charge.

What to you prospects of development of the " project seem; Schoolmate Plus ?

We want to become obligatory addition for all users Schoolmates . It is rather ambitious goal, but we intend to work seriously over its achievement. For this purpose we need to solve a set of problems: to provide addition support Schoolmate Plus all widespread browsers to enter new interesting functionality for our users. Well and of course to hold interesting events and competitions.

By the way, one of them which is called " started recently; Darling on Schoolmates . Schoolmate Plus too decided to make the contribution to creation of festive mood - we prepared new colourful cards which everyone can send to the friends and darlings. And on the page of a competition it is possible to see who received the most large number of congratulations in the city, the country and on all Schoolmates . In it and a competition essence - who received most cards, that and the most favourite. Interestingly, who uses the greatest attention in your city?

The competition will last till March 8 inclusive so everyone will manage to participate. We hope that it will be also pleasant to them to receive congratulations from the friends, as well as to give us it such chance.

Well, I is sincere zhelayeyu to your team of success - you do serious work necessary, let at you everything will turn out!

Thanks. We count on it too. We congratulate all readers Schools of life with a holiday on March 8! Both women, and men loving them!