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What to look in India at? Kutub Minar of

the highest and beautiful monument in Delhi which can be seen practically from any part of the city is the five-level tower Kutub Minar serving as a victory monument. Some sources claim that the tower was constructed in the form of a Muslim minaret for prayers. However it is so high that to hear the person saying a prayer on the latest tier only God, and in any way not the people who are on the earth will be able. Nevertheless, the tower carries a minaret rank.

Kutub Minar - one of the highest and known towers in the world. The minaret has 72,54 meters in height and is the highest ancient separate tower in the world. Other towers - a tower of the Great pagoda in China and the falling Tower of Pisa in Italy are also very known around the world, however they are not so high as Kutub Minar in Delhi.

Kutub Minar`s construction was begun by the famous Indian military leader Kutub - hell - Dean who built the first floor, and finished by the sultan Iltutmish in 1200 when it completed four more floors. However in 1369 the fourth floor was seriously damaged by a lightning, and the sultan Feroz Tugkhlak during recovery work added the fifth floor to a structure.

During one of the last restorations of a minaret in 1803 at top of a tower the small pavilion - an arbor was built. However in 1848 the arbor was removed as it did not correspond to a general view of a minaret. It was lowered on the earth and placed in a garden near Kutub Minar. To distinguish it from other arbors of a garden quite easily as it as well as the top floors of a minaret, was built from white marble.

Kutub Minar - a great masterpiece of magalsky architecture. The tower consists of several floors or tiers decorated with a fine carving. The design of walls is arranged in such a way that the tower extends from top to bottom to be steadier.

Outside Kutub Minar is made by the most part of red sandstone, so well-loved by architects of a dynasty Magalov, and here inside the bearing design of a tower is made of the ordinary gray quartz extracted in vicinities of Delhi. The fourth and fifth floors are built completely of white and gray marble.

All surface of a tower is covered with inscriptions on Arab which generally are excerpts from the Koran or any religious manuals. But as in construction of this, in fact Muslim, towers took part builders and artists - Hindus, in many places there are inscriptions executed by a Sanskrit font a deposit. At the same time some inscriptions have quite frank abusive character concerning the Muslims forcing to work of Hindus on pain of death.

If to overcome 378 steps in a minaret, then it is possible to get on the most top tier from which the beautiful view of Delhi from height of bird`s flight opens.

In the territory of a complex Kutub Minar is one more surprising monument - the Iron column which was cast in the 4th century and still on it did not appear also a rust speck. The column has height of 7 meters and 37 cm in the diameter. Scientists still struggle with secret as ancient masters could create chemically pure iron which even cannot almost be received presently moreover and to cast from it a column more than 7 meters high. Someone believes that this miracle is created by some very developed ancient civilization, and someone considers a column as the message of newcomers from a far galaxy.

There is an ancient belief that if having turned to a column a back to capture it thus that hands connected, then any desire made at this moment will be granted. So, having visited great Kutub Minar, it is possible not only to enjoy surprising architecture Indo-Muslim style, but also to make the treasured wish.