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We learn to increase nails? The theory and practice of

So, you chose training center where you should master technology of modeling of artificial nails, and your training began. The first that you should make, it to get beautiful and very thick notebook. Beautiful that it was pleasant to take in hand, and thick because records and pictures in this notebook will become much soon.

Write down all theoretical information which you obtain on courses in the notebook. Several months later after training the boring anatomy of a structure of a nail plate will be very fascinating. In the notebook you will also be able to sketch the designs which were pleasant seen or thought up, to paste pictures from magazines.

On occupations try to ask the teacher as much as possible questions. Do not hesitate, you paid money. It is better to receive concrete answers to the arising questions from the teacher now, than then to look for information on the Internet. By the way, you will be able to find in the Internet not only a huge number of pictures and photos with a beautiful marigold, but also professional forums for masters. At once I will notice that you should not trust everything written at forums. Trust the teacher, but not self-educated persons from the Internet.

On courses a practical training will be surely given. You should carry out modeling of nails on hands at girls - models. Models for nail extension selects training center, all of them sign the special contract with training center, and perfectly understand that all of them on their hands will train.

Carrying out building to the girl - model for the first time, be not nervous, be not afraid that at you something will not turn out and the girl will leave with ugly nails. Models perfectly know what they go on. Building in an educational class costs about 10 times cheaper, than building at the master - the professional therefore you are obliged to nobody by nothing. Quietly train and do not worry on the fact that the model sits with a dissatisfied look more than five hours. You do these nails for yourself, your purpose - to learn!

Many beginning masters hesitate to use special means of protection. It seems to you that clients will stare at you? Then continue to breathe dust and evaporations of chemical preparations further. And skilled masters will quietly put on a protective mask, special stylish goggles and convenient cotton gloves.

The mask rescues our airways from an opil whom when modeling nails there is always a lot of. Points protect eyes from dust. And gloves will relieve our gentle skin of hands of contact with chemicals which can cause allergic reaction.

The good training center has to be equipped with powerful extracts, and the special vacuum cleaner has to be built in each table. After you finish training, you can get to yourself such table with the vacuum cleaner or buy figurative pass - the vacuum cleaner - a pillow.

Now when you have the most necessary knowledge and skills, I can only wish you success in development of this remarkable, very beautiful profession. The master in modeling of artificial nails not only gives to people beauty of hands. Happens and so that after a nail injury is practically not present, and then building is the only chance to have a beautiful marigold! It is so pleasant - to bring to people joy, you surely will like your new profession!