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What can be found by means of a Google search engine?

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History of emergence and development of Google does not contain legends and the facts also 15 years, but already acquired numerous legends. It agrees one of them, the name of the known search engine was conceived as of Googol - the mathematical term designating unit with hundred zero. However the first investor Andy Bekhtolshaym in a hurry drew to founders of the new company the check addressed to Google Inc. Such here mistake left. It was necessary to register officially the company under the name Google Inc.

And everything began for few years before when in 1995 two young people which was during that time slightly more than 20 years met: graduate of Michigan university Larry Page and native of Moscow Sergej Brin. Both were graduate students of department of informatics of Stanford University.

First they could not find a common language in any way. Disputes broke out at the slightest pretext. However soon debaters all - found a subject of the general interest: both were interested in a search problem in a network. In January, 1996 Larry and Sergey began joint development of the search BackRub server. Having armed with business - the plan, partners collected the sum, necessary for initial capital investments. The way of the Google company to world recognition among the best search servers of the world began.

A year later two large investors - the leading venture companies of the Silicon Valley - granted to the young company the loan of 25 million a dale.

The central office located in Googleplex in Mountain - I Twist (California). In August, 2001 as the chief executive officer Eric Schmidt came to Google. The famous experts who passed here these years vice-the president on development of business and sale Omid Kordestani, vice-the president on developments Ursa Hyoltse, etc. managed to create on the Internet the Google Zeitgeist system which is actually displaying collective intelligence of mankind in real time. Deals with issues of development of the global Internet in the company it founding father Screw Surf.

Ease first of all

heard About the unique corporate culture which developed in Googleplex even those who are far from Internet problems. From the very beginning, when the office of Google was located in ordinary garage, there was an atmosphere of the easy, not regulated communication. In studies there are no partitions which are traditionally dividing working space. As chairs rubber gymnastic spheres were first used. Even office furniture was unusual. Desktops are just a trestle on which wooden doors are laid, on them and the most powerful modern computers are installed. Favourites of staff of the company - big dogs, including the tender giant a leonberger Joschka, easily wandered between tables.

Two times a week they could relax, being amused game in hockey on rollers on parking of the company. At the end of each working week Larry and Sergey held meetings on the open area where at tables employees accommodated. The great attention the management and now gives to selection corporate the chief - cooks as it considers that their working capacity Of course to a large extent depends on food of employees, now the number of employees of the company considerably increased and makes hundreds of people worldwide. Offices in Europe, in Dublin and London, and also in China and Japan, in Latin America are opened. But traditionally informal atmosphere is supported. It brings result in the form of a possibility of extraordinary fast exchange of ideas.

Everything becomes for convenience of users

Fast and exact scanning of the Internet made the Google system the most popular system for search on the Internet. She analyzes entirely the maintenance of each web - the page, location of keywords. The set of types of files, including PDF and a MP3 are scanned, search in the catalog of Google, the services allowing to look for and scan pictures, books, musical files is started. The service Google Sitemaps gives the chance to establish sequence of scanning of pages. Tens of language versions for users from the different countries are introduced.

Google constantly uses innovative technologies, trying to obtain that each user could find what wants. The PageRank system , in fact, changed a search method is as a result developed. PageRank is capable to define the most important pages, relevant for this search. This technology completely excludes human intervention. Search results very precisely correspond to inquiry.

But also on this subject there are legends. For example, in 1999 one of observers of New York Times for fun made request for the words bigger evil, than Satan . It is amusing that the page of Microsoft was the first in the list of the websites corresponding to inquiry, Walt Disney`s company was on the third place. The matter is that many websites characterize the specified pages thus.

Also additional services facilitating work of users are created.

Visiting tens of domains of Google, it is possible to use the Google maps function - system of dynamic interactive maps, to get acquainted with the current news, and also to use Usenet archive .

In 2003 our darling of Blogger appeared where everyone can share with other achievements of the intelligence free of charge. In addition Google acquired the company Picasa, Inc which service allows to operate collections of digital photos without effort. By means of service Google Blog Search can look for information in blogs, and the Google Reader service allows to monitor not only new messages in blogs, but also emergence of new information on the websites having RSS - streams.

Everyone can use a box in free post service Gmail . At the same time and for other Google services in which login and the password are required they will work. It is possible just to create the account of Google, but now it does not give automatic access to Gmail.

Also were enacted the new Google Video project which gives an opportunity for search of record of television programs, and the Google Earth technology allowing to examine every spot on the globe from height with big increase.

One of the last novelties of Google - technology for definition the Internet - blocking. The system is intended for users who suspect that their provider blocks access to these or those resources.

From where the income of Google undertakes?

of Google gains income, providing to advertisers of an opportunity to extend effective advertizing in the Internet, relevant information displayed on this page, i.e. being of interest to the user.

Advertisers choose keywords and pay for cliques of clients according to the announcement. Since February, 2009 Google accepts Yandex. Money in rubles for fee of AdWords the clients registered in Russia.

The Google AdSense technology gives the chance to owners of the websites to gain income by means of placement of precisely focused announcements.

Google continues to work on improvement of technology of search. The company declares the mission as aspiration to organize flows of information of the whole world and to make this information available to everyone.