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We learn to increase nails? The choice of technology

Ideally the professional master in modeling of artificial nails has to own both gel, and acrylic technologies. It is impossible to tell that one technology is better, and another is worse. Is told about gel and acryle already much. But what technology everything is to choose? Almost all who decided to be engaged professionally in nail extension, the question interests: What it is simpler, building by acryle or gel? And there cannot be a definite answer. Let`s try to compare these two technologies.

Acryle - the self-cured material, completely it will be polymerized (stiffens on air) within 1 minute. During this time you will have to want to be in time it on a nail so that there were no ugly hillocks. If you are not in time, it is necessary to cut hillocks a file (believe, occupation this difficult).

Gel - light-cured material will also be polymerized it only in special UF - lamps. On air gel does not stiffen at all, and it is possible to display it on a nail though the whole hour

Acryle will be polymerized almost instantly, and it gives the chance to model volume elements - flowers, figures, three-dimensional compositions. Gel on air does not stiffen, it has property to spread very quickly therefore to create complex volume compositions from gel is problematic. However for simple volume elements, for example such as petals and leaves of flowers or wings of a butterfly, gel quite approaches.

There are many inconsistent opinions on what nails are stronger what are thinner what look more naturally. I will open for you a small secret. Correctly simulated nails from gel and from acryle approximately cannot be distinguished as they look absolutely equally. At cost both gel, and acrylic system of one firm are approximately equal too.

Acryle differs from gel in existence of a strong specific smell in the course of drawing as it will be polymerized due to evaporation. Many on this basis believe that acryle more harmful material, but it not so. Gel and acryle are very similar in structure, gel is akrilat too.

What nails are preferred by clients, acrylic or gel? Actually, practically all clients I prefer qualitative and accurate nails. We already said that it is almost impossible to distinguish correctly simulated acrylic nails from gel.

Of course, there is a fashion on material, but it is created rather by masters, than clients. In Russia among clients acryle enjoys bigger popularity. And it is not surprising as really qualitative gels at us appeared not so long ago and masters who rather well work for them, unit. In Europe, on the contrary, a gel marigold enjoys bigger popularity. For example, in Germany acrylic nails do generally masters of Russia.

Except gel and acryle, can offer you such technology as glue - " powder; or building by " silk;. You should not give preference only to these technologies as they are based only on insignificant strengthening of tips, that is in fact is only false nails. Silk technology and " technology; glue - " powder; it is worth mastering only in parallel with gel or acrylic technology.

Choosing technology, consult to the teacher, but you remember that over time it will be desirable to master all existing materials and technologies. If to master a new profession, then entirely!