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We learn to increase nails? The choice of nail school

the Master in nail extension is modern, highly paid, interesting, creative and very responsible profession. What needs to be known that who decided to master it?

My first and most important council - do not try to learn it independently! Perhaps, there are also very good masters - self-educated persons. But you should not believe fondly, as at you the talent suddenly will open, and you without any theory and practice will independently model ideal nails.

Without having special professional skills, you with ease will spoil the nails (and nails of the clients). Process of modeling of nails is not manicure, the concentrated chemicals, aggressive acids, etc. are used here. At misuse of professional preparations for modeling it is possible not only to worsen a condition of natural nails, but even to receive chemical ozheg.

Process of nail extension of professional materials, such as acryle or gel, demands not only practical skills, but also knowledge of bases of modeling, architecture of artificial nails, anatomy of a structure of nail plates And it is not all list of what to you should learn in professional training center.

So, you decided to go to training center, but do not know in what. You do not hurry with the choice, collect as much as possible information on educational institutions of such profile in your city. Buy several " newspapers; Work and training also look for nail schools in the section Training courses . Also will read not the liyena reviews of training centers on the Internet. Perfectly, if you have an opportunity to visit any annual exhibition on beauty and health (for example, Intercharm ) at such exhibitions there are always representatives of training centers to whom you will be able personally to talk.

Do not stop the choice on one school at once. Choose a little and compare them among themselves. It is desirable to compare not at training cost, and on its quality. Learn how many occupations are included into a training course whether provides training center of models for practice as there take place occupations - individually or in groups whether are included materials and tools in the training price, or they should be paid separately.

Be not too lazy to visit personally each of training centers and own eyes to see how there is an educational process. By all means look at the teacher`s hands. Their appearance will tell you about much. Well-groomed hands with the accurate and surely increased nails, undoubtedly, will be plus.

Do not follow the tastes of those who promise to teach you to professional modeling in three days. The full-fledged course of modeling of artificial nails cannot be shorter than two weeks (provided that occupations will take place every day).

Very important and that how many models for training of skills the training center promises you. It is better if they are more than ten, but no more than one persons a day. Group occupations, of course, more cheerful, but for training center is rather minus, than plus. In group the teacher will not be able to pay you so much attention how many at individual occupations.

And finally I will dare to give to you one more advice. Widely known, advertized large training centers it is not always better, than private nail studios. Elect the master - the teacher, but not school, and then development of a new profession will bring much the best result!