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Whether it is worth trusting advertizing?

As speak: advertizing - the progress engine. Oh, yes. Children small having seen a beautiful feature shout: I Want and send letters to Father Frost with a gift wish rather, and adults are just conducted on well thought over text and on the fact that the goods advertize that somebody, and IT is most.

So, very often advertisers use the celebrated personality for involvement of potential consumers, being guided by trust of citizens to this person. And actors, too people. They need to live on something too and, as a rule, there is no wish to live that not as - nibud, and it is good, and therefore regard often cost for the commercial as of paramount importance, without going into details of the fact that they, as a matter of fact, will be from " screens; to push to the naive viewer.

So, in due time, the famous and loved by all of us Georgian Vakhtang Kikabidze when he became " lost trust; person zirconium bracelets. What then the agiotage rose! Time Kikabidze, time helps it! And the price that quite biting appeared. All right, the price, the promised result was unless at those on whom the effect of placebo worked. And all of us so trusted it. Removed the last savings from books, borrowed acquaintances if only to put on to themselves a treasured bracelet and to wait for a miracle.

But that the most interesting, advertisers continue to invite dear people, to think out more and more reliable data about a miracle - a preparation, and we are conducted on all this and we buy.

Or, there passed the company recently with the main Finn of Russia who all over the country declares that Lada the Guelder-rose - my car! . Who will believe that he went by it? I am sure that it is noticed was driving our Guelder-rose only during shootings of the commercial. But, how many zero were in his contract! Here it seems popular actor: the cinema, show various - does not live in misery, means - and why so the people that to deceive? The company in support of domestic producer? But then why the Finn advertizes? Or our, Russian, famous citizens just were more conscious and did not begin to be dishonored?

Though it is necessary to pay tribute, there are also those who, despite the huge sums for a small posing in front of chambers, are not on sale. So, for example, Oscar Kucera did not begin to advertize any unclear toothpaste though on the fee could buy for those times very much even the quite good apartment.

Generally, there is a wish to tell the following: do not trust, citizens, to everything that is offered, all those speeches that so beautifully say from the screen. Texts are written by professional copywriters, slogans are thought out also by experts who know, as well as than to hook on the consumer.

It is worth understanding that under beautiful, brilliant packing not always appears expected. We were deceived so much for our small life what to give in on such tricks, the right, are not necessary.

No, I do not urge to ignore advertizing and to urgently change the channel as soon as it begins to be shown. Just trust checked and include healthy scepticism and then your terribly earned money will not leave on a potreba to sharks of public relations and advertizing. They without piece of bread moreover with masletsy will not remain, but also you do not lose the last.