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What it is necessary to think of, sending the child to music school? Sooner or later parents should solve

, to send the child to music school or not. Grandmothers and grandfathers press the authority, tell about need of all-round development of the child including musical. Also it is necessary to consider everything carefully. About not only music school, but also the tool on which your child will learn to play. Its future can depend on it!

What to do in the beginning? Besides musical games with the child to three - four years, it is necessary to go with him to various concerts of classical music further. Why classical? Because at music school of 99% of training the classics makes. All the rest comes with skill of the pupil and desire of the teacher to inform of modern trends the young musician.

It would be quite good to approach together with the child an orchestra pit (if it is a symphonic orchestra) and to show various tools, telling about how they are called. You can bring together the child in music school or on a special concert where after performance the little audience has an opportunity to try to elicit a sound from the pleasant tool (quite so was with me).

So, you decided that your child will go to music school (about the choice of the tool I will write in other article). Then you have to know about all advantages, and also about shortcomings that they did not become for you an unpleasant surprise subsequently.

In the beginning about pleasant - advantages.

your child will have a great number of new acquaintances and friends.

At it will considerably broadened horizons.

It will perform at the combined concerts at music school and on departure, at it the fear of a scene will be gone.

At some diligence and talent it on pleasure of people around will execute fine music.

But does not happen so that was or only well or only badly .

Besides homework at comprehensive school, your child should work constantly on a musical field - to do homeworks and to study melodies. of occupation at music school is :

- 2 times a week for 40 minutes - specialty (actually training of playing a musical instrument),

- time in a week of solfeggio - training in music basics,

- once a week - musical literature (studying of biographies of the famous composers, and also listening and the analysis of their works),

- once a week - chorus,

- and if your child is trained not in the specialty piano once a week it will be trained in game and on this tool (of course, according to the facilitated program and not so high requirements).

Now you can count loading. It is a lot of, isn`t that so? And when you see with what reluctance there is a child to music school, you begin to reflect why you so torment him.

But 99% of children admit later that yes - there were moments when there was a wish to throw music and not to spend on it time, but they are glad that by it was not given it to make.

to the Child the music school at teenage age when all school friends and girlfriends go for a walk, and he / she on occupation begins not to be pleasant to

. Still there is a misunderstanding among schoolmates at comprehensive school, and even sneers, mockeries. It can also become the reason of discontent with music lessons from the child.

But now if you learn that the fellow worker perfectly executes sonatas on a violin, you will not be him from - for it to tease, isn`t it? On the contrary, you will admire such ability. And if your familiar with ease strummed the known motive on a guitar? To it in any company, on any holiday will be glad! And what if ( a low whisper and with aspiration ) your child becomes the famous musician or the composer, and can the singer?! No, of course, to you it is not necessary to exhaust the child hours-long occupations in hope to amuse own vanity and unsatisfied ambitions. But everything can be.

To learn or not to study - to solve only to the child. And here to learn or not to learn - to solve to you! Good luck!