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How to keep beauty of the body? Recipes of my grandmother

All girls (well, or almost all) watch beauty of the face. The cream, nutritious masks clearing a peeling But why, looking after the person, we so often forget about a body? And it grows old too and withers, it needs our care and leaving too.

You are not lazy every time after a shower to apply nutritious lotion or body cream on skin. All use hand cream, and than a leg and all the rest is worse than hands? Once a week surely arrange yourself some saloon procedure! There is no money or time for visit of beauty shop? It does not matter, we will arrange own beauty shop directly in a bathroom!

Each woman dreams that her breast was beautiful. And if skin in a decollete zone at you soft, velvety, well-groomed, then you look the most beautiful, regardless of the breast size!

the Creamy mask for a decollete zone

Three tablespoons of dense cream or sour cream needs to be mixed with an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey. We apply a mask on a neck and a zone of a decollete for 10 minutes. the Coffee peeling for a body

the Weak coffee thick we mix

with honey and we pound this mix all body, paying special attention to problem places, where cellulitis develops. Such peeling perfectly clears and tones up skin. And what pleasant aroma! By the way, if to carry out this procedure weekly and to combine with a campaign about a sauna or a bath, then, most likely, you at all will never grow old! Skin after such peeling soft and velvety, as at the baby. After completion of procedure do not forget to apply body lotion.

Oil for pyatochek

Skin standing very dry? On crack heels? Be not too lazy to make to yourself a good pedicure in salon, and then support saloon effect by means of house means. That skin a foot became soft and gentle, at first properly steam out legs, and then put with a thick layer a mask from cream and vegetable oil (mixes up in equal proportions). It is necessary to put such mask on all night long.

For maintenance of a tone do not forget also about gymnastics. Simple exercises during all will always allow your muscles to remain some ten minutes in a tone. It is worth to remember also about massage. Excuses in " style; there are no time and money and here will not pass. To indulge itself massage, it is not obligatory to use services of the massage therapist. Now on sale a huge number of various manual masseurs for a body.

Many consider such bagatelles useless, but it is wrong. If you used a masseur and did not achieve any effect, means you just irregularly did massage. At correctly selection of a masseur and regular procedures manual massage has tremendous effect! The body comes to a tone, skin becomes tightened, even cellulitis and extensions disappear over time.

Well and, of course, do not forget about water procedures. The bath, a sauna, the pool, a contrast shower - all this will do only good. All know about a hardening, douche by ice water. And so, to keep elasticity and beauty of skin, it is better to have a shower bath not ice, but slightly cool water - room temperature. It is even better if it is not just water, and broth of curative herbs - camomiles, calendulas, lime color or fennel.

The most important - do not forget about yourself, you drive away thoughts it seems I am already old, thick, nothing will help me . The woman is beautiful at any age if she loves herself!

If you love the body, then look after it, the body is a cover of our inner world, and we - that are worthy a fine cover, same fine, as well as our inner world, isn`t that so?!