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Kag to bobedit dasborg? Treatment of cold in one day of

this Article is written as discrediting of myths, - that already becomes good tradition. In it I want to emphasize that these here defeatist anekdotishka of the " type; cold passes in a week if to treat it, and in seven days - if not to treat we, the dearest readers, indignantly sweep aside. As harmful superstition. To us this anti-medical pessimism absolutely to anything - let it consoles those misanthropes and mizogina who like to gundosit and blow nose, rassevy on the surrounding biosphere of myriad of some spiteful viruses or microbes. We will cure cold in one day because it is told: mens sana in corpore sano that in translation from Latin means it is better to be rich, but healthy, than poor, but the patient .

At once it is necessary to stipulate in the most strict way that the speech does not go neither about allergic nasmorka, nor about any diseases of a nose which only the expert can understand. As they say, quod licet Jovi non licet bovi that in translation from Latin means not do not get into the chariot . Such patients, certainly, have to resort to traditional treatment by means of doctors , drugs and physiotherapeutic procedures and if they are engaged instead simorony, hanging out hand bells and mirrors or will go to vorozhy to remove a malefice from a nose, I am not responsible for these candidates for the Darwin Award. If there are doubts, it is better to see previously a doctor and to be convinced. Because it is told: cogito ergo sum that means it is necessary to think .

Once again: our way is applicable only to almost healthy people, whom temporarily struck so-called cold with accompanying it usually zabitiy a nose up to its full impassability. My ancient friend told me it, and she gathered this method in the healthy circle of climbers - the cheerful and firm people with its melodious songs and romantic legends of the yeti. Judging from the fact that in all thirty five years that I know it, her accurate nose did not undergo any changes, and also looking at numerous nice noses of her numerous three children and a severe courageous nose of her few only husband, this way is harmless to the healthy person. As spoke ancient to the latinena, quod erat demonstrandum that meant and I sho spoke .

I do not speak about myself, and it is so clear - unless I will begin to advise something to the reader, without having tried it at first on myself? Yes never! Here, for example, I advised you never to rely neither on simoron, nor on the fan - Shui? Advised. Whether tried on itself? Surely: I as did not rely on these sickly vacant rudiments of sympathetic magic of a paleolith, I do not rely. But we will not distract, and that the publishing editor will make me the remark on ars longa, vita brevis est again that in translation besides from Latin means not figs to write so long .

So, spring in literal sense on a nose: you were affected by cold. It is impossible to breathe, the head hoots, food tasteless, the speech gundosy and even, I will not be afraid of this word, nasal. It is necessary to take urgently measures, without waiting until the harmful environment takes roots in a throat. And drastic measures. But it is not necessary to buy the advertized fashionable very expensive means, drops, aerosols and other if they were not registered by the doctor! No. We will go some other way. And it will be a light way.

First of all it is necessary to ask politely and culturally from kitchen of all members of household, without speaking about guests. To put it briefly, all wons. As ancient Roman militiamen, dura lex sed lex said what meant I told - all . To lock a door, to switch-off phones. Then it is necessary to stock up with a piece of cotton wool and matches, or special Q-tips, a small amount of vegetable oil, a tablespoon and one thousand handkerchiefs what can be replaced with the old written-off blanket cover. In a spoon we pour oil and we warm up it up to the extreme temperature, the limit is defined organoleptic: tychy there also we try a Q-tip on a hand: it is necessary that it was hot, but it is tolerant.

Then we install a heated spoon with oil on a firm surface (it important) and we thrust a stick with hot oil into a nose. Yes, it is awful, it is terrible and somewhere not esthetically, but it should be transferred: such is a method. Will be even more awful further: you will deafeningly sneeze several times. Do not give up, continue to warm up a nose, maintaining oil temperature at a limit and repeat this process several times.

In the course of treatment you will understand two things soon: where to press oil (it is understood itself on immediately coming feeling of sharp simplification) and why there are a lot of handkerchiefs (or a blanket cover). Having removed industrial amount of unnecessary substances from nasal cavities, procedure can be stopped, to sterilize a spoon, to throw scarfs in a basket for washing. To let in kitchen of concerned members of household, to drink hot to tea with a lemon and to execute the victorious Indian dance hurrah, I have no cold any more and the clear head accompanying itself on pans.

You ask - what suddenly? Why I suddenly departed from usually sublime subject of the articles and decided to tell, I will not be afraid of this word, urbi et orbi, that is to all who read my ardent speeches, about such ordinary subject how cold? As it was already told, on a nose at us spring - time of colds when the organism which is weakened from long winter and a lack of solar vitamin is especially subject. And yesterday I in the blog received the comment which began the words you my rescuer and benefactor also it turned out that the certain frendessa exhausted with cold and the accompanying toksikozny phenomena incidentally came across in this blog my discussion of this method, tried it on herself and immediately soared in celestial heights of beznasmorochny existence. Why I also decided to immortalize this it is easy for everyone an available and low-cost way of treatment in article because it is told: sic transit gloria mundi - the blog flows and changes, records in it departure in the past like Leta and Akheron`s waters, and article on ShZh will be eternally.

As said in such cases to the latinena, dixi that meant sha! .