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Filokartiya: an intuitive collecting or a rate on the facts?

What is a filokartiya? This collecting of the illustrated postcards. The term is formed from words of a foreign origin: Greek phileo (I love) also Latin carta (paper, sheet, book).

The Filokartichesky boom began 19 at the end - go centuries when release of cards was put on a tipografichesky stream and after this - on a stream post. Then there were also first clubs of collectors - collectors, and also the editions devoted to modern hobby - almanacs, catalogs. Filokartista began to show publicly the treasures to the world - to organize exhibitions, the separate presentations of thematic collections.

Agree, there is nothing more simply than an invention with a card hobby. On the one hand, cards find the road to our houses (the most traditional way). On the other hand, on counters Soyuzpechati - scatterings multi-colored cardboard cuttings on any subject, on any, even the most exacting, taste (just Mecca for a passionate filokartist). Things are easy - to choose the successful direction for a collection, to stock up with patience and to collect, to collect, to collect Experts recommend to beginners - to filokartist to begin

with urbanistic landscapes. They as mirages - are very changeable. They can change to unrecognizability eventually. The main filokartichesky value also consists in it. Urban views of last years remain imprinted on cards, and those, in turn, turn into a source of archival information. Sometimes exclusive. And, in this case, very much - very expensive. The market value of some collection copies is estimated in tens of thousands of dollars. Quite good option for investments, huh? Especially if to consider that the starting price of cards, as a rule, cheap.

The second place in popularity of the direction holds the fine arts . In it there is something from mirages too. In - the first, artists - peyzazhita, as well as photographers, fix landscapes which subsequently " on the cloths; are modernized change. In - the second, among illustrations on post cards it is possible to meet reproductions of works of very interesting masters of the past. Talented, but little-known. Or, say, in general unrecognized (more often, for the ideological reasons).

Classical postcard standards dance from standards tipografichesky (printing methods of the press, the put symbolics of printing houses) and, of course, from standards post, caused by transfer methods. The standard of the size of 914 cm accepted on the World post congress in Paris existed from 1878 to 1925. Then there came time of the new standard - 10,514,8. Since 1904 left half of the back of a card officially appointed the carrier of the text message to the addressee (before a turn served only for placement of address information where, to whom and from whom ) .

Yes, time does not stand still. And technologies too. Absolutely new boundaries - cards of non-standard forms and the sizes, limited circulations (up to single copies), exclusive design cards are open for for today`s filokartist (quite often handwork, made of the most different unexpected and at all not tsellyulozno - paper materials). Plus, together with marketing and a corporate style the era of advertizing and corporate cards came. The real Klondike for a filokartist!

In the latter case collectors are played into the hands even by the crisis which burst in the world. Who knows how many the companies will sink Into oblivion, without having sustained financial scrapes? And how many korporativno - the advertizing illustrated series automatically will pass into the category of a printing rarity?

It was necessary to rely filokartist only on own intuition earlier. Today collectors of cards remind the exchange brokers who are sensitively reacting to changes of external environment and market conditions more. Information on changes in literal sense is in the air. It should be caught, considered only in time, to analyse and interpret. How you think how many in half a century - the century will be cost by corporate cards, say, to once prospering Polaroid company? In left 2008 - m she sadly sang Jingle Bells song last time to this cruel diggitat - to the world.

Even in the classical " direction; Urbanistic landscape so hotly recommended to the beginning collectors, planned filokartichesky work is possible. Architectural design - not a so trade secret. Always it is possible to glance in a keyhole of town-planning kitchen and to draw the corresponding conclusions on the future changes - where that will take down where that will be constructed in the near future.

Intuition intuition, and facts facts. In fascinating game under the name Filokartiya it is possible to put on obviously advantageous combinations. And it gives passion to quite boring, at first sight, hobby. Isn`t it?