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How to keep beauty of the person? Recipes of my grandmother

If are not present time or funds for expensive cosmetic procedures why not to arrange beauty shop directly at home?

Face packs - one of the most effective remedies for maintenance of beauty. But that masks rendered really noticeable effect, before their application skin needs to be steamed out by means of steam bathtubs. If you have a dry skin, it is necessary to take a steam bath no more than 5 - 10 minutes if fat - minutes 15.

It is possible to use instead of steam bathtubs and warm compresses. For bathtubs and compresses it is better to use not simple water, but broths of herbs. Very favorable impact on face skin is made by camomile decoctions, lime color, fennel. All these herbs are readily available, you will find them in any drugstore. When skin is well cleared and steamed out, and a time is open - it is a high time to put a nutritious mask. I will tell you favourite recipes of my grandmother. Thanks to these masks, in the 70th my granny looks at most on 50!

the Nutritious creamy mask

Properly pound a yolk of one egg with a tablespoon of milk or cream. Low-fat milk, and for mature - dense nutritious cream will be suitable for young skin more. Nutritious ovsyano - a honey mask

the Tablespoon of oat flakes mix

with three tablespoons of kefir and a teaspoon of honey. Such mask it is necessary to put on a face, avoiding area around eyes and lips. And it is possible just to apply on lips with a thick layer of medical

the Lemon mask for fat skin meanwhile

needs to beat Egg white of egg properly in foam and to add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. It is necessary to apply a mask with a brush on fat sites of face skin in several layers. Such mask well narrows pores and gives to skin pleasant dullness, doing it soft and velvety.

After application of any mask face skin needs to be rinsed carefully with cool water, to dry a napkin and to apply cream which is suitable for your type of skin then the effect of a mask will remain for a long time.

It is worth to remember also about eyes. If eyelids swelled, contrast trays from cold and hot water will help. It is possible to make compresses of herbs - camomiles, lindens, green tea. Long sat in front of the computer, and now your eyes look tired? From a sleep debt shadows under the eyes appeared? Compresses from broth of parsley, fennel and a camomile will help.

Kefiric lifting

Is the recipe and for those who want that skin looked fresh, looked younger and had a rest, as if shone from within. The five-day course of kefiric lifting will help to get rid of dim skin color of the person. It is very simple and absolutely safe, but, nevertheless, very effective way to humidify, protonizirovat and tighten face skin.

What is kefiric lifting ? All essence of this procedure consists in daily ten-minute masks from lactic products. You can use for such masks varenets, fermented baked milk, kefir or curdled milk. The main thing - to apply a mask on well cleared skin, and after a mask to use the soft moisturizing cream. Such masks need to be done daily within five days. Surely try, the effect will very pleasantly surprise you!

Well, and now most important recipe of beauty: always remember a smile! smiling more often each other, despite of everything, we long time will remain young and beautiful!