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How to develop in the child of ability of future artist?

If your child shows keen interest in some occupation, then it is quite possible, in it the talent arises. It is necessary to develop abilities of the child at preschool age, the first enthusiasm arise then. How not to miss eccentricity of the kid?

First of all pay attention to enthusiasm of the child: what tasks he performs with pleasure and what bring it discomfort. Attentively watch behavior, preferences and interests of the kid. In this article we will consider what signs indicate that your child, perhaps, future artist, the designer or the talented photographer. Signs the Kid very much likes to draw and decorate


. He pays attention to color combinations (in clothes, on walk, in a house interior). The child excitedly considers sculptures and pictures. It can describe that subject which struck it with something in small details. The child well remembers information from picture-books, and those fairy tales which you tell him orally, he will hardly retell.

How to help development of abilities

Communicate with the little artist in one language: explain him what you want to tell visually. For example, instead of a praise draw to it the smiling sun, and instead of a ban - a cloudlet with the rain. When the kid draws, ask him on what he wants to show the drawing. That the talent of the artist was not earthed, write down the child in art school or a photocircle. And at home play those games which promote development of creative and art abilities. I will give several examples of such games.


This game for children of three - four years. She develops imagination, figurative thinking, and also learns how to handle paints. Prepare a clean sheet of paper, water color paints, a glass with water and brushes.

Settle at a table, put before yourself a blank sheet. Let the child will take a brush. Help the kid to dip a brush in water, and then in paint. Then let it with your help will transfer a brush to paper so that paint dripped and left a blot. Try different colors, every time incline a brush differently.

The following stage consists in looking at the turned-out blots. Lead the child, and he let answers. Questions can be the following:

What blot is similar to a tree?

what the blue blot is similar to?

A why this blot is similar to a doggie (a birdie, a vase etc.) ?

can Continue by

this game as follows: together with the child finish drawing shapeless blots. Surely prompt to the kid possible answers and options.

Blind obvodilka

children of four - will cope five years With this task. Game develops a visual memory, spatial thinking and strengthens the child`s hand. Prepare sheets of paper with the figures which are in advance drawn on them (on one leaf - a rhombus, on another - an oval, on the third - a square etc.) and colored pencil. It is better if color of a pencil differs from color of contours of the drawn figures.

Put a sheet of paper before the child, give it in hands a pencil. Track that he put a pencil tip precisely on a contour. Let the kid of seconds ten consider a contour which will lead round, then will close eyes and will lead round a figure blindly. This game can be held also in group of children. The one who most precisely coped with a task will win.

Differences and similarities

This game often occurs in children`s magazines. On two pictures with identical elements it is necessary to find differences. Game can be diversified as follows: pick up two different pictures on which are represented several identical objects or animals. Let the kid will find the elements, general for two pictures.


One more game which can be met in magazines for children. This game puts a hand to the child, develops coordination. Draw on paper twisting paths at the beginning of which represent the little man, and at the end a lodge. Then explain that the little man should get home and that he has to go only on a path (and that will get lost). The child has to to carry out the little man, without tearing off a pencil from paper.

Do not worry if the kid who with a great interest was engaged in drawing suddenly switches attention to music or sport. This normal phenomenon, and the child will not lose the abilities. But do not make dalekoidushchy plans. In the childhood development happens very quickly, and your gifted little artist can become the ingenious scientist in the future.