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How quickly to make two very tasty pies?

In a modern rhythm of life much are a pity to spend precious time for cooking. Someone likes to cook and considers cookery as one of hobbies, and someone, without wishing to stand at a plate, gives preferences to semi-finished products - store pies, pelmeni and sausages.

Personally I very much like to cook, but to dare the most part of day just stay at a plate I cannot. Therefore I very much respect fast recipes and two such I would like to share with you. Well, we will indulge house with fast and tasty pies?

Fast " pie; Potato field

this pie from very simple and useful products which will be in the house at each hostess Prepares. The first that we should make is to clean 5 small potatoes and to cut them very thin circles. We have to spread out these potato segments on the frying pan greased with butter, salt and pepper.

From above on potato segments we spread the onions cut by thin rings. Instead of it you can use green onions - a leek - pie will turn out even more tasty.

Now we have to fill in potatoes and onions with the liquid test. I cook dough so: Or sour cream I mix 250 g of mayonnaise and a half a glass of flour and three eggs, carefully I mix, I add 1 teaspoon of soda, extinguished vinegar, and again I mix.

Now it is a high time to send our product for about 20 minutes to the warmed oven. I at once cut ready pie for the portion and I decorate with branches of fresh fennel. Sometimes, still hot, I strew it with grated cheese, and sometimes I give with sour cream. Such pie very nourishing, it perfectly suits those who like to have breakfast densely in the mornings. Potato field it is tasty to eat warm therefore I bake it usually in the evening, and in the morning quickly I warm in the microwave oven and I give by a breakfast. My house it is just adored!

Fast " pie; Cottage cheese fairy tale

A this pie at us will be sweet, we will give it for a dessert or for breakfast. Prepares Cottage cheese fairy tale too very quickly.

So, 3 tablespoons of oil we mix with one third of a glass of flour, one third of a glass of sugar, a teaspoon of extinguished soda and we fray in a crumb. If you have children, you can charge preparation of a sand crumb to them, and prepare a stuffing so far. For a stuffing it is necessary to mix 250 g of cottage cheese, 3 eggs, one third of a glass of sugar, 2 tablespoons of sour cream and 2 tablespoons of semolina.

On the oiled frying pan we pour out a half of a sand crumb, then we spread on it a cottage cheese stuffing and we pour out the remained crumb. We bake in well warmed oven.

Ready pie can be strewed with icing sugar, to decorate with fresh berries (very tasty with strawberry and raspberry) or pieces of fruit (I decorate with apple segments). In decoration of such pie you can show all the imagination!

These recipes helped out me when there was a wish for something tasty, house more than once, and time for preparation of difficult dishes was not at all. I hope that my pies and to you will be pleasant! Bon appetit!