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BEARS In the north - who needs IT?

are time Long ago, e. on mother, Mind Russia to understand

(Igor Guberman)

some part of Russians watches closely Already more than a year events near the North Pole. From newspaper strips, from screens of TVs, from radio receiving stations sometimes it that personally I am still hurt by ears is hung up from time to time. You judge: GRANDIOSE " project; for the first time in the history of MANKIND it is comparable with disembarkation of the person on the MOON big SCIENTIFIC achievement the flag of Russia at the bottom of the North Pole " is set; where millions, BILLIONS of years the leg of the person " did not go; The right for expansion of sea borders " is PROVED; part of the RUSSIAN shelf expedition returned from the ISLAND OF Spitsbergen etc., etc., and so forth, etc. And it is fine if all this proceeded from writing fraternity (eventually that else it is possible to expect from public, the majority of which in life saw nothing, carrots), but which - are more sweet that from the above-mentioned gave out on - the mountain not someone, and the head of expedition Artur Chilingarov - the person, quite famous in certain circles.

As required I will surely explain to the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (and to his PR managers) what is Spitsbergen (it is Svalbard, it Grumant) whether the pole has a bottom who lived in the region of a pole (and in general on Earth) millions and billions years ago, as well as up to what depths pertinently to speak about the sea shelf. If in three words to define the main results of this, I apologize, expeditions, (paraphrasing the known saying of one commander), it is possible to tell: Came, felt, thrust . The world (in any case, scientific) still laughs and shrugs shoulders. Personally to me not to laughter as I have behind shoulders ten one and a half field seasons in the Polar region - long before emergence of mobile communication and computers here; from them eight - on Wrangel Island, and with the REAL polar explorers both lived side by side, and drank, and had a snack.

The fact that in the conditions of high latitudes deep-sea submersibles were tested it, certainly, is good, no doubt. However about abilities Worlds (constructed, by the way, in Finland 20 years ago) knew earlier - not for nothing they were used willingly by James Cameron when shootings " Titanic;. This party of disputes does not cause, but it is the TECHNICAL aspect. I will notice only that it is real to use similar devices in high latitudes only in a warm season, when there is no problems with ice-holes - both artificial, and natural, but this time is very short here and it falls, as a rule, on the middle of July.

The fact that from a seabed near the North Pole were tests of water and " soil are collected; (it is necessary to think, long-term silt. - I. D.), - it is good too, but whether it is enough to claim that - soon global warming will not be (opinion of the director of Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic Ivan Frolov. - I. D.)? That to claims for expansion of sea borders In my opinion, the only thing that the country can receive for today, so is that our being (future?) the president promised neighbors not so long ago - to Balts, namely from a dead donkey ears . And that is why.

To prove the claims, it is necessary practically nothing: to prove that the underwater ridges of Lomonosov and Mendeleyev an essence part of a continental platform from Russia. Theoretically it is possible, almost difficult. At least because today there are no technologies allowing to carry out drilling of a seabed (more precisely, radical breeds at the bottom sea) at big depths. In conditions, I ask to notice when ices on a surface do not stand still. I do not think that similar technologies will be developed in the near future. The social order, and from the public conceiving sensibly is for this purpose necessary, such order will never arrive.

However, word known to the ecologist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the Center of environmental policy Alexey Yablokov ( Time Sides from 02. 08. 07.) : It is a pity that all this was made what should be shown that we want to prolong our shelf nearly to the central Arctic. There is such catch, the shelf is a continental step to which some shares of sovereignty extend and there a lot of things useful can be done. In certain cases the shelf can be extended also further a continental step if there are PROOFS that it is GENETICALLY connected. Probably for this proof this PIECE, and at all not for the Saint, kind, some scientific researches, including ecological " is also made;

On a question of a possibility of mining at big depths and about the political importance of expedition Alexey Yablokov continues: In the next 20 - 30 years it is NENEREALISTICHNO AT ALL. There are no technologies, ANYTHING. And the main thing - WHAT FOR? On the usual shelf of 50 - 70, 100 meters in depth around the world oil and gas mine workings are very much developed now and god knows still what, metals can be extracted. And why to climb on such depth? I think that here exaggeration of the political importance. To it - god, NOBODY EVER recognizes the right of Russia for the Central Arctic. In total - the Arctic, the Arctic basin, the Arctic Ocean belongs to ALL .

The fact that our compatriots like to leave the tags on noticeable objects, - a fact of common knowledge. So was also with mountain tops, and with a number of planets of Solar system. Foreigners do not lag behind in this plan too: and Americans developed the flag on the Moon, and climbers do the same of the different countries at mountain tops. There is nothing shameful in it. However, it is not absolutely clever to make at the same time any geopolitical statements, to put it mildly. It was more than once told about it by very responsible persons - representatives of the governments of the countries of the Arctic basin.

However, history knows also other examples. Let`s tell when on January 23, 1960 the Swiss researcher Jacque Picard and the officer of the Navy of the USA Don Walsh on a bathyscaphe Trieste fell by a bottom of the Mariana hollow (and it is 11022 meters!) and did not come to their mind to establish here zvyozdno - flags, striped and red with a white cross, as tasks were others. During this really unique expedition, except achievement of one of geomorphological poles of the planet, one of essential modern hypotheses of Not movement of sheets of water at big depths was disproved: at an extreme depth researchers observed FISHES that demonstrated existence of undercurrents in the VERTICAL direction as the oxygen brought by currents from a surface is necessary for the developed living beings. This conclusion warned scientists against idea of use of an ocean floor for burial of radioactive waste subsequently.

Or, say, the great climber Edmund of Hillary, the first (in any case, officially) stepped into top of Everest (the second geomorphological pole of Earth) on May 29, 1953, did not begin to hoist the colors of the country here - New Zealand. Together with the workmate Tenzing Norgay they lifted flags of India and Nepal (the countries in the territory of which the mountain is located), England (the country - the organizer of expedition), and atop (in order to avoid idle talks) - a flag of the UN.

And Bob Ballard who found at the bottom sea " Titanic; To Luzitany Bismarck and other well-known vessels, it seems as in water lowered nothing similar and did not declare the rights for opening (though, in a case with " Titanic; it was possible and foresee that on its traces marauders - like George Tallok having now the whole museum where on a public inspection objects from the sunk liner are exposed will come).

Coming back to the main subject of our conversation, I will notice that, in my opinion, scientific a component of tourist cruise of two deputies from the known party in the company of two rich Buratin from foreign countries it was reduced, eventually, to to installation of national flag at the bottom of the North Pole and to the subsequent unlimited public relations (naturally, with watering sparkling). Whether it is not enough for the expedition lasting nearly a month and expenses on which carrying out was made by about 100 million which are constantly becoming stronger wooden (not 24 - 26 BILLION which are constantly falling green spent for the " program; Saturn V - Apollo in 1969 - 1972, but too it is not weak)? Especially ridiculously this (as Alexey Yablokov fairly noticed) looks PIECE against what occurs now in the Russian sector of the Arctic. I mean elimination of the majority of polar stations on huge space from Murman to Uelen therefore it is necessary to use meteodata of the Canadian and American stations and the actual OUTCOME of the population from the North.

By the way, the hasty statement in the press that expedition was carried out only at the expense of Polar fund, to put it mildly, is not true. The matter is that crew of a bathyscaphe The World - 2 who also went down under water at the North Pole, included the citizen of Sweden, the millionaire and the fan of polar expeditions Frederik Paulsen, and also the citizen of Australia, a certain Mike McDowell. Paulsen was tried to be presented first as the researcher and even gave the rank of the HONOURABLE POLAR EXPLORER of RUSSIA (!), but he blabbed out before television cameras that Bought the place in the deep-sea submersible, having agreed to pay the road of the " ice breaker; Russia to the North Pole and back. Every day this travel cost it 100 thousand dollars (in only THREE lemon ) .

PR managers of expedition too at first tried to introduce McDowell as the researcher of the Arctic, but the scientific world of it does not know. But knows the diver, the climber and the traveler, the founder of the " company; Deep Ocean Expeditions), engaged in rendering TOURIST services, in the past of the director and shareholder of the Adventure Network International company - tour operator of expeditions, in particular, to Antarctic.

I do not say any more about WHAT for years of existence of the Russian sovereignty over part of the polar pool was made here by our compatriots. To take, for example, the Northern island of Novaya Zemlya. Last century here the ground regularly functioned ( Object - 700 ), on which nuclear tests were carried out. During existence of the ground (1955 - 1990) here 132 nuclear explosions, including 84 atmospheric, 1 land, 2 surface, 3 underwater and 42 underground were conducted in total. Considering circulation of ices in the Arctic, I strongly doubt that IT did good to a northern ecosystem.

Or, say, Wrangel Island more familiar to me on which I spent 8 field seasons (in total more than two years). For the first two winterings (from 1926 to 1934) more than THOUSAND of polar bears were killed here (generally FEMALES on dens!) In the middle of 50 - x years of last century for several years the colony of white geese, largest in Eurasia, was beaten out from the mountain Perkatkun (at the same time business was not limited to firing and gathering eggs at all - in the most densely populated parts of a colony explosive as, as we know, and to doggies it is necessary to eat was put , and polar foxes should be caught on something). In the present time on all the island remained THREE persons: two on a polyarka start spheres, one in the settlement of a wreck guards - it is necessary to think, from polar foxes. I do not say about HOW our northern tundra looks (especially coastal), ispolosovanny caterpillars of all-terrain vehicles and filled up with industrial stuff any more - on IT, the right, it is better to look from big height.

I do not think that I am lonely in an assessment of results of this, I apologize, expeditions. Again - the word to Alexey Yablokov: from the SCIENTIFIC point of view this not especially big achievement I do not think that it is the REAL scientific expedition which in the Soviet years were organized, - when really in advance PROGRAMS were approved and so on. No, Nothing of that kind was. It is substantially the POLITIZED action .

By hearsay, in view of the fact that Moon long ago staked out Americans, representatives of the known fraction in the State Duma plan to carry out expedition, the FIRST in the history of MANKIND, on the Sun soon. Its purpose - installation of national flag on a star surface. For safety of crew expedition will take place in the winter, in the conditions of polar night.

PS: My God, pardon polar explorers