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What forms of the woman live in male subconsciousness?

As any woman dreams to find a half, of the only thing , and each man all life analyzes an environment regarding the fullest compliance of surrounding representatives of a fine half to the ideal. And the beloved`s ideal in subconsciousness of the man, as a rule, is divided into three components: the woman - mother, the woman - the daughter and the woman - the mistress.

The woman - mother is that which can tell about all the problems without fear that you will be counted as the weakling and a rag. It is that with which it is possible to discuss all the complexes and shortcomings. It is that which will understand, will sympathize and will press to itself. It is that which will recognize you as the leader in spite of the fact that today you sobbed at her on a breast. The woman - mother is able to listen, empathize and, the main thing, is able to forgive.

The woman - the daughter is that near which even the most plyugavenky the little man manages to straighten shoulders, to raise the head and on a hail in a gate will not be afraid to take a step forward to cover the companion with a hollow and not suntanned breast. It is that who wants to be protected and preserved. It is that which lies on your grown dumb hand, and you are afraid to move not to frighten off a cozy smile from her sleepy lips. It is that which tells you about the troubles and misfortunes, but tells so that you immediately understand: you - only which will be able to solve these disorders. Only to you it in power, because you - strong, and it - weak and defenseless.

The woman - the mistress is that, looking at which, the passion sharp kogotochka begins to scratch you on a back. It is that with which flirtation is a permanent state because you every minute, even at once after rough sex, are not sure whether you will have something else. It will be able because you were tired of it but because it needs to be won every second. Because it is a riddle and secret. It is that with which in a bed you cease to understand what occurs, and only you are surprised then as the dressing gown appeared on a chandelier, and tights - behind a case.

And happiness to that man whose wife combines in herself all three forms. And happiness to that woman who is able to combine them. Because if it flapper and maliciously smiles when the husband tells about the tyrant - the chief or complains of a headache... Because if she is an ardent feminist and laughs at those men who wash the dishes and do not hesitate to give flowers without cause... Because if it walks on the house in the washed-off dressing gown in a pink floret and in petty-bourgeois hair curlers - IT will go to prostitutes to be cried, will find the girlfriend for the evening to feel strong, and will bring the smart mistress to feel like the conqueror and the hunter

I nobody argues: the swine it, of course, but can be understood However, it is better to finish with verses:

The exhausted knight with a pocket dragon,

with the look wandering and released of

astride a horse, to ears dusty,

seemed to strangers in this world green.

The dragon on a chain was not torn anywhere,

dejectedly was silent and seemed caught a cold,

sat down, sighed a hinder leg scratched,

well, generally, did not move - moved.

And the horse did not try to keep playfully:

povyshchipan tail, izmochalen mane,

of a hoof not of a chishchena, muzzle of a sopliv...

I the knight dangles so lonely.

But here from flowers (it is absolute without make-up)

a colorful butterfly. It is unique!

Flew up to a dragon, by destiny it is driven,

A he is her successful fellow language. Only by!

Ah as he shouted! As it darted off!

Ah as it amusingly pursued a butterfly!

of the Horse for itself on a chain drags,

and that rests (as if, does not want).

And the knight (what to do!) shivers, but rushes,

and something shouts. Well uses foul language in any way!

Suddenly... general heap... dragons... hoofs...

the tormented knight... the visor is broken...

And slowly - slowly (as if does not know)

over all this the butterfly peacefully flies up...

Give, for the butterflies who are lovely soaring,

of dragons teasing and a distemper bringing,

and real

we will give a toast to fantastic butterflies, friends!