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How not to long? Smile!

Different people differently react to all delights of seasons, and the mood at us very often changes from - for weathers. Someone to liking an easy vivifying spring breeze, to someone needs warm summer days, someone prefers to watch multi-colored leaves on trees, and is also such who looks forward to a crunch of snow-white snow under legs.

Something this year the fall was late at us on a visit and there is some feeling of uncertainty in the nature., It seems, and snow already has to be instead of morning fogs, but it is still not here. To some people it to liking, is valid, such weather is better, than thawed snow snow under legs, and some already with huge impatience wait for a snowball and frosts to ski, snowboards, the sledge or just to play with children or friends in snowballs. But, alas, we want something or not, and at the nature and we not in forces it to change the schedule. There is also at people such unclear mood. Everything is, seemingly, good, but something not so.

You know, going down the street, you notice: people meet some absolutely gloomy, and so there are a wish to tell all: Well what you long? Smile to the world, and the world will smile to you! . And indeed actually, if to look at the world with a smile, he to you will answer the same. When some passerby in response to your smile smiles to you, will become you become twice bright and you will have more pleasant thoughts. You remember that the house you is waited by your darlings that today it is possible to meet friends that right now and here you can think up something ingenious and unique, and tomorrow begin to realize all the plans and that everything at you will turn out! It is necessary to believe all of us in himself!

Only imagine that from now on you will begin to live in a different way: in the morning you will wake up with feeling of entire happiness, and will be ready to give it to the relatives and favourite people. When you come to work, you absolutely in a different way look at it. At you it will be full of strength also energy for new take-off and projects, your relation to work will exchange, and on you will pay attention already as to other person. You will be estimated! And those feelings which will be with you, will be transferred also to other people and life already will begin to whirl you in the unique dance of love and heat.

Only then, through many - there are a lot of years, you remember yourself former and remember that fine day when you decided to change and smile to the world, you will understand that life is fine, and it it is necessary to live most in the best way!

You remember, there is such children`s song From a smile will become brighten

Smile more often each other, and the world, really, will become slightly - is slightly lighter!