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Where to go in Astrakhan?

If you arrived to Astrakhan not on affairs, then, most likely, you are a fisherman. Six hundred erik, a channel and the rivers of area - a weighty argument for a trip. Spinners, zakidushka, popper, wobblers, a fancy riding, tackles, eventually are those terms which you intend to use soon.

But suddenly there was it that you arrived not in April and not in October - when the catch blows the mind, and those days when catastrophically does not peck? Then you need to get out to the city. Or even to the area. To wander, admire, povoskhishchatsya, poudivlyatsya by

First of all, of course, the Kremlin . It is white. With wooden turrets. If you like vanity, then go to the Kremlin on Saturday. There you for certain will find three - four couples of newlyweds who are letting out in the sky of the pigeons or simply turned, holding hands to please video - to the operator. Before to enter high gate, pay attention to a tower. In - the first, it falls! The Astrakhan architects were forced to call the experts who recorded falling of the well-known Tower of Pisa they turned similar work also in Astrakhan. In - the second, with Red gate Stepan Razin dumped boyars. Do not look for spots on a stone blocks, everything is washed and trampled long ago Entered inside - at once on the left: there is an operating Assumption Cathedral. There is enough - beautiful, it is necessary to tell.

Left one cathedral, move by another (Troitsk, it on the right) and buildings of restorers on a path - to a wall of the Kremlin. There somewhere steps, and on them - an informal opportunity to rise by a wall, to be photographed between teeth

By hearsay hid, churches are going to give all Kremlin that, perhaps, and is good (confessors keep economy better, than fund of culture) though it is a little a pity because in this case from avenues of the Kremlin the students sitting with sketchbooks will be gone - artists (their workshops were in the territory), to whom it is always possible to come for a back and quietly to giggle

Left the Kremlin - directly before you - Brotherly garden - the place is silent, cozy and it is enough - nice. The eternal flame, the plaster man with a carbine and pair of fountains is, perhaps, the only thing what it is possible to look there at, but on shops under trees it is possible to sit, wait lovely the heat (which quite often happens higher than +50).

On the other hand from the Kremlin - slightly less charming, but nevertheless charming Lenin Square with fountains, avenues and, of course, the leader of the world proletariat standing on a pedestal. Who wants to ponostalgirovat - to that there

If you walked along the Kremlin through all Lenin Square, then remained to you to " already very little; Swan lake - a charming reservoir with a small lodge in the middle, I think, you guessed for what birds By hearsay, earlier ashore there was a remarkable cafe where it was possible to drink kokhviya and to admire graceful birds. Now there an obscure construction with the inscription Fabrikant but many shops remained so to give rest to legs and eyes you will be able.

You want strange constructions near which it is possible to be photographed? Pass lengthways down the street Kirov, reach central post office, before an entrance to " shop there; Bibliopole there is a hardly noticeable column - Zero kilometer . Note in the head this place - here not only all guests are photographed. When svecheret, you can see all an underground here - youth of the city. Informal tusnyak where at desire Rastas will find that look for

In general, the downtown (so-called White City ) it is charming the fact that many streets at it - pedestrian. On them we popeshekhodit to " movie theater; October in which located quite self-sufficient covered botanical garden with huge palm trees, various living creatures and a rybnost

Before movie theater the small park is available. It is interesting only to one: in the evenings here teenagers - thrill-seekers on boards, aggressive rollers and baizes flicker that, it is necessary to tell, it is unexpected for such externally provincial town If to leave movie theater, to turn to the right, to reach a corner, to turn to the right, to rise up and once again to turn

to the right, then you will get directly to tenacious embraces of old women - guides from Museum of local lore . And there, besides certainly tremendous expositions on edge stories, there are very ridiculous " exhibitions; The Mammoth comes back or Gold of Sarmatians And in general, as we know, it is better for us to conduct the friends not in a pothouse, and in the museum But drunk do not go to the museum! Not because old women umbrellas will flog, just at once round the corner - buildings of regional administration with severe security guards, officials, governors, but nice a press - secretaries Are interested in

in old times? Walk down the street Communistic via the bridge to the intersection with Raskolnikov Street. There is the well-known Astrakhan wooden lace - the house of the merchant Tetyushinov , just the fairy tale. By the way, on Raskolnikov Street there are some more wooden houses with the most beautiful carving - walk, be not too lazy

of the Leg were not tired? Then we stamp along the channel to Vlyublennykh Bridge. (By the way, thanks to abundance of channels, Astrakhan was called in former times small Venice . (Now, alas, language does not turn, and it is a pity ) If you walk not alone, then on Vlyublennykh Bridge it is accepted to join hands and to kiss. It is better to do it in the evening because at this time, thanks to small lamps, it is the most romantic here. There is on the bridge also one more interesting find - two hearts which are built in in a lattice pattern. Nakhodka is that the newlyweds arriving to the bridge, fasten these hearts with padlocks, and keys are thrown out to the river Beautifully, though it is senseless

Well if all of you did not nabroditsya yet, then to culturally - entertainment program can add visit of the museum of Kustodiyev or of the poet Khlebnikov , pleasure game of actors of Dramtetr , of Musical theater or of Philharmonic hall , walk on " park; Planet , on 17 - y piers, Krasnaya Embankment, the Embankment 1 - guo Mai or a banal fulling on one of city beaches Potusili`s

? The white City was passed up and down? It is time also in the people - to areas. What interesting is in the area we have?

In the most distant from the capital of the area Akhtubinsk the area (3,5 hours by car) should visit Bogdo`s mountain and the lake Baskunchak . Also near Akhtubinsk it is possible to see unexpectedly taking off from - under lands the plane (our military pilots - the most underground pilots in the world).

In Kamyzyaksky district on peals if agree with the huntsman, you can sweep on striking with the beauty (at least with from July to October) to lotus fields .

In Volodarsk district remarkable places to a pobola: it and museum " complex; Altynzhar - the akyn Kurmangaza (with yurtas, the museums, and even the hotel), and the Churinsky monastery (page. A punch), and church in the village of Ilyinka where mirotochat several icons, and on one of walls appear a face. And, at last, it is simple Dianovsky wood - the most beautiful place for rest. Well and besides, absolutely near Astrakhan, there is also a small piece of lotus fields (page. Punch).

If brought you to Chernoyarsky district , then it is worth seizing this opportunity and to visit Museum of local lore and the ancient church constructed at Peter I, by the way, only in the area where pig-iron floors remained. It should be noted that Black Yar applied for being instead of Tsaritsyno the district city in due time, it included part of the Volgograd region, Kalmykia, Baskunchak though now it absolutely - it is not noticeable at all.

you will find selitryany excavation in Harabalinsky district the Shed - to baht - the world capital of the Golden Horde.

In Narimanovsky district - one more the salty lake - Tinaki , here crowds of mentally ill people are rubbed terribly - smelly dirt, however, by hearsay, same terribly medical.

Passable in July - September through Limansky district should stop by in the next village on melon because water-melons local grades are known to all Russia.

Believe, Astrakhan, its earth, water and especially people - are worthy that to fall in love with them and to them then more than once to come back