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Magic in kitchen. The main thing - good mood!

Culinary power. The main thing - good mood!

The main condition in kitchen is the good mood. The food cooked with love is acquired by an organism better and does not cause diarrheas. Before cooking it is necessary to be discharged of all negative thoughts. It is necessary to approach process of cooking from the creative party and to consider each dish as the next masterpiece. And, above all health of your family depends on it.

As were advised by my grandmothers, on products from which you are going to prepare your dishes, it is necessary to whisper a certain affirmation, that is the positive words or phrases bearing necessary information. Let`s say you want not only to surprise guests with your culinary talents, but also to be pleasant to them, tell on food in a preparation time such words: Love me, love me and all! The result will be on the person as the food and water well remember and transfer information at the subconscious level. And subconsciousness - a thing thin and very vulnerable for this reason the inner world will cause change and in external, and the guest, itself without suspecting, will estimate your abilities and will definitely not refuse a new meeting.

Should noticing that at daily cooking you make the real magic religious rite. What you do in kitchen supports all family, gives it vital energy and a tone. So if you consider family life as penal servitude, it is better not to approach a plate. And who needs irritation and quarrels on trifles!? It can often be the reason of stains though spouses sometimes do not notice it. Very important in time to notice this problem and to change the life to the best.

my good acquaintance Natalya was loaded by problems at work eternally. Cooking at it happened automatically: it could not concentrate on this process, constantly held in the head of thought of unsuccessful or future contracts. Therefore the food was literally impregnated with a negative owing to what was heavy and was badly acquired. It influenced not only physical health, but also an emotional background. In a family frequent quarrels, scandals which came to an end with depressions began. It was the big stress for an organism. I advised Natalya to turn on the weakening music on a preparation time of food and to get rid all gloomy thoughts. And in food, it put only kind and light thoughts now. After a month when I met her again, even hardly learned! It all shone with happiness: there was special gloss in eyes and a charming smile. It improved the relations with the husband, quarrels left their house. And also she learned to derive pleasure from cooking. I sincerely was glad for it.

On a note to hostesses I give several useful tips by power part of cooking:

1. It is better to have knives in the house with the wooden handle. The tree absorbs quicker positive energy which is transferred to food.

2. Better in kitchen to use ceramic, clay and wooden ware and not to apply plastic products at all. They bear in themselves negative energy as plastic is a full chemistry and any live charge, so necessary for food, in it is not present.

3. Sugar in tea or coffee should be stirred clockwise. It bears a positive charge.

4. If you do not accept your figure, and any diet did not bring desirable results, we advise you to eat food in blue ware. Blue color reduces appetite and calms mentality.

5. It is desirable to have a coffee tree in kitchen. It will bring you the world and harmony in a family, and at work - prosperity and success. Not for nothing Italians call this tree of fulfillment of desires. In the Middle Ages they laid down in the flowerpot pallet the most treasured desires written on paper and believed that in process of growth of a tree, they were realized. Well, and if in life everything is excellent, then and emotions for preparation of dishes will be only positive.

6. If you have an iron sieve, then we advise to hang up it in kitchen as it will protect from adverse influences of external environment the hostess and products.

7. Vegetables and fruit should be washed peculiar white stream . When washing vegetables and fruit it is better to use cold water, representing it pure, white color as milk. It is some kind of visualization.

All these rules are checked by time and wisdom of our grandmothers. What we are grateful to them for, they very much help us with life.

This little advice will provide also to you an order and harmony in kitchen. I wish you good luck!