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How not to overpay for the Turkish souvenirs?

Hunters for money of credulous tourists in Turkey usually trap the victims near popular sights. It is impossible to call their actions frank theft. More likely, operation of love to a notorious freebie peculiar, by the way, not only to our person.

The technology of deception is similar with scam extended in 90 - e on streets of Moscow and nowadays sometimes meeting at capital stations. It when to the passerby suggest to get from hands any thing (usually small household appliances) with won in an instant lottery discount or on the stock . However it is enough to reach any shop of household appliances personally to be convinced: price at a discount it is in actual fact notable above written on the price tag of the same goods.

The Turkish vparivatel of souvenirs and guides vlazit in soul potential sucker more deeply, but methods of fight against them the same: politely, but firmly to hold the ground and to buy nothing from them.

Such dealers in souvenirs at inflated prices know the business. Usually they quite fluently speak within necessary for works a minimum in languages of the countries from where to them there come most of tourists including in Russian. Will tell that are even ready to sell especially for you at a loss.

My brother in Moscow, we love Russia, on Russians of business is not present - convinced me such vparivatel near Bayazet`s mosque in Istanbul. I think that brothers at it is enough in each country from where there arrived the next tourist who got to his field of vision.

Beating down the price which is initially excited up to the unreasonable heights in parallel to offer various free annexes to purchase.

Not without reason speak The East - business thin . If not to take for an axiom that all these cock-and-bull stories - frank lies, calculation of the deceiver will be true. Especially when the price is noticeably beaten down directly in the eyes. They know: you most likely, heard that in the east it is accepted to bargain.

But as if the seller reduced it, as a result he for nothing will not remain precisely. And here you will not tell that about you.

So should step on a throat own flattered vanity and under any pretext to escape from tenacious paws. Complex challenge. The seller precisely knows: release it the potential buyer from yourself, precisely will not see any more. You neither the first, nor the last tourist whom he tries to swindle.

Most likely, he will volunteer to see to the next ATM (if you tell that at only a card), to hotel where you forgot money to take dollars at the rate if at themselves there are no liras and so on. It is psychological reception too: here is how tries to do a favor, say. So hardness it is necessary to show fair.

From own experience: last summer I fell into clutches such seller about the mosque Bayazit in Istanbul (is near local university and very picturesque market, on the way from " metro station; Aksaray to Sultanakhmet Square where Sacred Sofia and Blue mosque are located well-known).

For the nice guide in Russian with very beautiful photos he at first asked 37 liras (for one US dollar then gave about two liras). Then the price smoothly, but quickly fell to 12 liras, and the map of the city and a set of cards were included in the package to the guide.

I was rescued that in Istanbul I was journey on the way to Bulgaria and assumed to be spent in the city only for food and transport.

As a result the card I was given free of charge at the office of tourist information close to the same mosque of Bayazet (from Divan Yolu Street conducting from Aksaraya to Sultanakhmet). And I saw just the same guide and cards in a booth on Eminenya Embankment. The guide cost seven liras, cards there - three. Total in the sum ten, and at vparivatel near the mosque twelve were the last position in the bargaining. So though I should overpay dollar. And unless money happens superfluous?

The owner of hotel, where we lived in Bulgaria, knew Turkish a little and often was in Turkey. She told that local vparivatel sights, having politely said goodbye to the tourist (it at Turks special ritual who were there, knows), who bought nothing from them, in a back cover it in Turkish with a mat.

I do not remember whether the seller of guides told me what unclear in a back. Perhaps was ashamed, nevertheless the mosque had a business? Well if told what, let to himself swears in language which I all the same do not know. And that vparivatel such in Turkey there is a lot of, and even on dollar on everyone you will not save enough.