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Healthy cookery in everything! Meditations in kitchen. Clarification of space of kitchen.

Clarification of space of kitchen.

Many Irish use this equipment not only in kitchen, but also for clarification of all house. Full cleaning of the room they carry usually out two times a year: on the first of May and for Halloween (Beltayn and Samayn in Ireland). But in kitchen it is necessary much more often: at least once in a month.

1. Open all windows and doors.

2. Clear space. Go counterclockwise, sweeping out undesirable energy: our bad mood, quarrels, depressions.

3. Establish protection: sit down in the center of kitchen. Mentally outline around yourself a circle of white color, representing as it extends and absorbs all space of kitchen and feel how the bright strong board from this world covers it.

Check of products by means of a pendulum.

Before preparing a dish or drink, it is necessary to check products by means of a pendulum. Pendulum usually call the subject which is freely suspended on a thread or an easy chain and making by gravity oscillating motions.

If you want to check products for quality, we advise you to arrive thus: you bring a pendulum to products, holding thought in the head: Whether this product Can bring me benefit? . Vertical and clockwise the movements mean yes horizontal and counterclockwise - is not present .

Preparation of a pendulum for work:

1. Give the thoughts on a positive spirit.

2. Light a candle of the color loved by you.

3. You look attentively at a candle flame. It you are loaded with energy of fire.

4. You bring a subject which was chosen as a pendulum, to a candle.

5. Represent how energy of fire passes through a pendulum, loading it.

of Meditation which will help you to be adjusted on preparation of tasty and healthy food.

Meditation 1:

1. Settle more conveniently and relax, try to forget about all problems and vanities of day. Try even to forget about existence of the body.

2. Concentrate thoughts on the energy, try to feel the power state and to calm down absolutely.

3. Breath has to be equal and quiet.

4. Take a slow and deep breath within 5 - 8 seconds, trying to feel an air stream.

5. Hold the breath, try to feel soft bluish silver, pleasantly warm ball air in the lower part a throat - the emotional center which is located where at strong chagrin or pleasure you usually feel lump throat .

6. Then as it is possible exhale more slowly.

7. When you completely relax, begin to represent visualization: your products which are a part of a dish are filled with pink light.

8. If you prepare something from fruit or vegetables, then represent how you go in warm summer day on the garden which is filled in with the sun with a basket in hands and you break these fruit and vegetables. Everywhere the world and rest, you gather a basketful of vegetables and fruit - ripe, juicy. They absorbed in themselves energy of the sun. These are the most useful fruit and vegetables in the world filled with vitamins and minerals, they will bring you and your family health, pleasure and love.

9. Present that the dish prepared by you radiates a sunlight, light of pleasure and smiles. All this will turn into energy of your guests.

10. Visualize pleasure and admiration of guests of your culinary talents.

11. Gradually come back to a habitual state. Now precisely you will not make mistakes and will prepare really magnificent dishes!

Meditation 2:

1. Sit down conveniently in a chair, put hands on knees palms up (not to cross a leg), close eyes and completely relax.

2. Mentally address space and ask the vital force and harmony from there.

3. Present the boundless star sky. It is not important that your celestial map will be far from the real astronomical.

4. Ask forces, for some concrete star, having called it by name. In reply it will blink in your mental firmament.

5. Feel how the light stream proceeds on you, reveal to it and allow to fill all your body.

6. Enjoy space harmony.

7. Present that this space energy penetrates through all products from which you are going to prepare a dish.

8. Represent process of preparation of your culinary product, think over each step.

9. When the image is completely created, gradually come back to our world. With quiet soul and the fresh head start preparation. I Wish